1 Timothy (Reformed Expository Commentary)

1 Timothy (Reformed Expository Commentary)
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Ryken, Philip Graham


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From worship and prayer to family and the use of money, the book of 1 Timothy is full of implications for life in the local church. But beyond these practical truths for all believers, Ryken writes, “Paul’s purpose in 1 Timothy is to help his spiritual son remain true.” Thus the book has a special application to those in gospel ministry.

These truths that helped Timothy in his day are just as applicable to church leaders in ours—both for personal godliness and for the collective life of the church. Whether for personal study or sermon preparation, Ryken’s exposition is a sure guide to all who are interested in this pastoral epistle.

About the Author

Philip Graham Ryken (PhD, Oxford) is President of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois. He is Bible teacher for the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, and can be heard weekly on the radio broadcast Every Last Word. He has written or edited more than thirty books including The Message of Salvation, The Doctrines of Grace (with James Montgomery Boice) and Ryken's Bible Handbook.

About the Series

The Reformed Expository Commentary is biblical (committed to comprehensive exposition of the text), doctrinal (committed to the Westminster Standards), redemptive-historical (committed to a Christ-centered view of the Old Testament), and practical (committed to applying the text to people today). Coeditors are Philip Ryken and Richard Phillips; biblical editors are Iain Duguid and Dan Doriani.

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312 Pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2007
ISBN 10: 1596380497
ISBN 13: 9781596380493

“Following on from his Galatians volume, Phil Ryken provides us with another cornucopia of insight and knowledge. Few portions of the Scripture affect the way we understand what the church in the twenty-first century should look like than does 1 Timothy, and few contemporary guides could better guide us through these issues than Phil Ryken. This volume signals preaching and teaching at its very best, a model for all preachers in our time.“
— Derek W. H. Thomas, Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS

Series Endorsements

“Those of us who regularly preach need commentaries that provide the best biblical scholarship and also understand the practical challenges of today's pastorate. The Reformed Expository Commentary series, prepared by Reformed preachers of great scholarly ability, ably speaks to both needs. As a combined exegetical and homiletical commentary, it is a sermon preparation tool of exceptional value. The authors of the Westminster Confession of Faith advised pastors to speak to both ‘the necessities and capacities’ of our people. This commentary series, which so well understands God’s Word and God's people, greatly aids in the dual task of faithful preachers.”
— Bryan Chapell, President Emeritus, Covenant Theological Seminary

“Some Commentaries lose the forest for the tress, and other the trees for the forest. This series promises to be both exegetically sensitive and theologically faithful.”
— Mark Dever, pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church

“A canonical, Reformed expositional commentary has long been a desideratum, and we are now in debt to this gifted team of pastor–theologians for bringing it to pass.”
— J. Ligon Duncan III, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS

“The fruit of pastoral ministry, the Reformed Expository Commentary series marvelously exhibits the model of the pastor–scholar.”
—Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“The first liturgical reform of the Protestant Reformation was the implementation of lectio continua expository preaching in Zurich in 1519. Sequential Bible exposition has been a hallmark of Reformed Protestantism ever since. It is heartening to see the Reformed Expository Commentary series emerging to encourage the continuation of this great heritage of preaching.”
—Terry Johnson, Pastor, Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, GA

“Here is exposition modeled by pastors with scholarly gifts and by scholars with pastors’ hearts. Exegetical and theological reliability, redemptive historical sensitivity, a Christ–centered focus, and contemporary practical application—these are the promised hallmarks of the series. May it serve as a model to encourage and enthuse a new generation to love the Word of God and to rediscover the life–transforming power of expository preaching.”
—Sinclair Ferguson, Retired Minister and Distinguished Visiting Professor of Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia)