A Call to United, Extraordinary Prayer...: For the Revival of Religion

A Call to United, Extraordinary Prayer...: For the Revival of Religion

Edwards, Jonathan


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Publisher's Description

Jonathan Edwards was the foremost leader of the Great Awakening in North America in the 18th Century. His writings continue to have a marked influence today on the life of the church, his example stands as a beacon to guide us from the shallows of our low levels of spirituality to the deeper waters of life.

This classic book by Jonathan Edwards was first published under the title An Humble Attempt to Promote Explicit Agreement and Visible Union of God's People, in Extraordinary Prayer, for the Revival of Religion and the Advancement of Christ's Kingdom on Earth, Pursuant to Scripture Promises and Prophecies Concerning the Last Time.

Includes a Foreword by David Bryant

Book Details

164 Pages
Publisher: Christian Focus
Publication Date: November 2004
ISBN 10: 1857928601
ISBN 13: 9781857928600

“Since Edwards, American evangelicals have not thought about life from the ground up as Christians because their entire culture has ceased to do so...there is no successor to his God-entranced world-view.”
- Mark Noll, Reformed Journal

“The name of Jonathan Edwards is synonymous with revival. And when it comes to renewal and revival in the church, I can't think of a better way to get one's heart beating in rhythm with the Savior's than to spend time with Jonathan Edwards through his excellent treatise, "An Humble Attempt." The words may be from another century, but his passion and zeal, fervor and devotion to God are as fresh and first-hand as though he were preaching today.”
- Joni Eareckson Tada, President, Joni and Friends

“For all his intellectual might, Edwards was the farthest thing from a cool, detached, neutral, disinterested academician.”
- John Piper, Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis

“If you prayerfully read these pages, the ripples of blessing just might go to 'the edge of the pond,' and then drift on to eternity.”
- Erwin W. Lutzer, Pastor, Moody Church, Chicago

“...one is not only stirred to the core by the mix of raw spiritual passion joined to brilliance of thought, but shaken by the amazing fact that this book could have been written today.”
- Jack Hayford, Chancellor, The King's Seminary, CA

“Too often Prayer is a small, dusty compartment of our lives. This book shows that if we really believe that Prayer is communicating with all powerful, holy, loving and just God—then it will be—it has to be—something entirely different.”
- Luis Palau