A Theology of James: Wisdom for God's People (Explorations in Biblical Theology)

A Theology of James: Wisdom for God's People (Explorations in Biblical Theology)
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Morgan, Christopher W.


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Chris Morgan accomplishes a seldom-attempted task, laying out a biblical, coherent theology of the epistle of James. He connects the particulars of James to the big picture of the Bible and argues that its instruction is both grounded in theology and is theology applied.

218 Pages
Published November 2010

About the Author

Christopher W. Morgan is professor of theology and the associate dean of the School of Christian Ministries at California Baptist University. He is the author and editor of several books.

About this Series: The Explorations in Biblical Theology series addresses the need for quality literature that attracts believing readers to good theology and builds them up in their faith. Each title in the series combines solid content with accessibility and readability—a valuable addition to the library of any college student, thoughtful lay reader, seminarian, or pastor.

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Book Details

218 Pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
Publication Date: November 2010
ISBN 10: 1596380845
ISBN 13: 9781596380844

"Scholarly but accessible, clearly written but not simplistic, Chris Morgan’s A Theology of James is an excellent example of biblical theology for the church."
- Robert L. Plummer, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Morgan deftly shows how James can—and does—interact in a clear, concise manner with the questions of the larger theological field. This book will be a much-needed addition to any pastor’s library, a great guide for any Bible study group studying James, and a highly useful supplement to any college or seminary course on James.
- Mariam Kamell, Regent College

"Dr. Morgan delivers a robust theological exposition of James with an eye to the needs of the contemporary church. He chooses key themes from the book and shows how they are developed, assisting the reader to see the pastoral heart of James in a new and more unified theological light. His insights issue a personal challenge to every reader.
- John Massey, Baptist Theological Seminary, Singapore, International Mission Board (SBC)

"Too often the theology of James is ignored or forgotten in the evangelical church. Chris Morgan reminds us in this wonderfully lucid, practical, and faithful rendition of James’s theology that James’s teaching is not only in accord with the gospel but fundamental to the gospel.
- Thomas R. Schreiner, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Morgan has produced a no-frills study rich with potential for injecting new fervor into churches tired of the status quo. Read it! Morgan not only explains to us James’s teaching, he also commends to us the costly pattern of James’s sold-out life.
- Robert W. Yarbrough, Covenant Theological Seminary

- Praise for the Explorations in Biblical Theology series:

"Neither superficial nor highly technical, this new series of volumes on important Christian doctrines is projected to teach Reformed theology as it is most helpfully taught, with clear grounding in Scripture, mature understanding of theology, gracious interaction with others who disagree, and useful application to life. I expect that these volumes will strengthen the faith and biblical maturity of all who read them, and I am happy to recommend them highly.
- Wayne Grudem, Phoenix Seminary

"There are many misconceptions today about systematic, biblical, and applicatory theology. One sometimes gets the impression that these are opposed to one another, and that the first two, at least, are so obscure that ordinary people should avoid them like the plague. The series Explorations in Biblical Theology seeks to correct these misunderstandings, to bring these disciplines together in a winsome, clear unity, edifying to non-specialists. The authors are first-rate, and they write to build up our faith by pointing us to Christ. That’s what biblical and systematic theology at their best have always done, and the best application of Scripture has always shown us in practical ways how to draw on the rich blessings of Jesus’ salvation. I hope that many will read these books and take them to heart.
- John Frame, Reformed Theological Seminary

"The message of a God who loved us before he formed the earth, called us his own before we could respond to him, died for us while we were dead in our transgressions and sins, made us alive when we were incapable of serving him, unites us to himself so that we can be forever holy, and now loves us more than we love ourselves—sparked a Reformation of hope and joy that transformed the world of faith. Re-declaring that hope and reclaiming that joy is the ambition and delight of this series. Able and godly scholars trace the golden thread of grace that unites all Scriptureto make the wonders of our God’s redeeming love shine and win hearts anew. The writing is warm, winsome, and respectful of those who differ. The motives are clearly to reveal truth and expose error by glorifying the message and manner of the Savior.
- Bryan Chapell, Covenant Theological Seminary

"The aim of these volumes is clear: as regards God’s Word, rigor; as regards other scholars, respect; as regards current issues, relevance; as regards the Lord himself, reverence. Effective witness and ministry currently require more than extra effort and better methods: the call is heard from churches across the board for renewal in our grasp of Christian truth. Each author in this series contributes admirably to that urgent need.
- Robert W. Yarbrough, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"This is a series that the church needs more than ever, as we forge fresh links between the world of biblical studies and our Reformed theology. The contributors remind us again that the Bible is a book about God and his purposes and encourages us to preach and teach the message of salvation which it contains. It will be an inspiration to many and will give us new insight into the faith once delivered to the saints.
- Gerald Bray, Beeson Divinity School

"The church of Jesus Christ faces massive cultural challenges today. More and more people in the Western world are ignorant of or hostile to the Christian faith. The moral fabric of our society is unraveling, and as a result of postmodernism many are adopting a relativistic worldview. Some Christians have responded by trying to simplify and dumb down the gospel. Others have tried to catch the cultural mood of the day in order to gain more converts, but they have often been co-opted by the culture instead of transforming it for Christ. What we truly need is to dig down deep into biblical foundations, so that our theology is robustly biblical. Only a worldview that is informed by both biblical and systematic theology can withstand the intellectual challengesthat face us today. The series Explorations in Biblical Theology is designed to meet this very need. I commend these volumes enthusiastically, for they explain what the Scriptures teach from the standpoint of biblical theology. What we desperately need to hear and learn today is the whole counsel of God. This series advances that very agenda for the edification of the church and to the glory of God.
- Thomas R. Schreiner, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Explorations in Biblical Theology is a valuable new series of books on doctrinal themes that run through Scripture. The contributors are competent scholars who love to serve the church and have special expertise in the Bible and its theology. Following a thematic approach, each volume explores a distinctive doctrine as it is taught in Scripture, or else introduces the various doctrines taught in a particular book of the Bible. The result is a fresh and unique contribution to our understanding of the Bible’s own theology.
- Philip Ryken, Wheaton College

"Explorations in Biblical Theology is a gift to God’s people. Biblical theology was never meant to be reserved for academics. When the verities of the Reformed faith are taken from the “ivy halls” of academia and placed in the hearts and minds of the covenant people of God, reformation and revival are the inevitable result. I believe God will use this series as a mighty tool for the Kingdom.
- Steve Brown, Reformed Theological Seminary