The Basis of Christian Unity

The Basis of Christian Unity

Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn


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Christian unity is the result of a shared faith in Christ and His gospel. This is what emerges from Dr. Lloyd-Jones’ consideration of John 17 and Ephesians 4 in the addresses to the Westminster Fellowship republished here. His presentation was given against the background of the ferment of discussion and debate engendered by the ecumenical movement of the time and demonstrated that unity is never something arrived at by ignoring or minimizing truth. The debates have moved on, but this lucid examination of the issues underlying Christian unity remains as relevant as when first presented in 1962. It points to timeless truths which should never be obscured.

About the Author

David Martyn Lloyd-Jones was born in Cardiff and raised in Llangeitho, Ceredigion, Wales. Educated at Tregaron County Intermediate School and then in London at Marylebone Grammar School between 1914 and 1917, he went to St Bartholomew’s Hospital as a medical student. He then worked as Chief Clinical Assistant to the Royal Physician, Sir Thomas Horder.

After sensing a call to preach, in 1927 Lloyd-Jones returned to Wales – having married Bethan Phillips (with whom he later had two children, Elizabeth and Ann) – as minister at the Bethlehem Forward Movement Church (known as ‘Sandfields’) in Aberavon (Port Talbot).

After eleven years at Sandfields, he was called in 1939 to be associate pastor of Westminster Chapel, London, working alongside G. Campbell Morgan. During the same year, he became the president of the Inter-Varsity Fellowship of Students (known today as the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UK)). In 1943 Campbell Morgan retired, leaving Lloyd-Jones as the sole Pastor of Westminster Chapel, a position he was to hold for the next 25 years.

After retiring from Westminster Chapel in 1968, due to illness, for the rest of his life ‘the Doctor’ concentrated on editing his sermons for publication, counselling other ministers, answering letters and attending conferences. He preached for the last time on June 8, 1980, at Barcombe Baptist Chapel. He died peacefully in his sleep at Ealing on March 1, 1981, and was buried at Newcastle Emlyn, near Cardigan, west Wales.

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96 Pages
Publisher: Banner of Truth
Publication Date: December 2003
ISBN 10: 085151846X
ISBN 13: 9780851518466