Bibleworks 9 (Windows DVD)

Bibleworks 9 (Windows DVD)
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Publisher's Description

If you’re familiar with BibleWorks, you know it’s one of the most powerful and economically-priced Bible software packages available. You also know that BibleWorks is packed with an impressive array of features and databases, all tightly integrated and designed to make your study of Scripture more efficient and effective. In the next few pages, we highlight just a few of the many, many things you can do with BibleWorks. Out of the box, here are ten things you can do with BibleWorks 9:

  1. Look up passages effortlessly. View Ephesians 1:3 in the ESV. Now switch to the NRSV. Jump to Psalm 90 in the NAS and NKJ. View all four versions in parallel, along with the Greek and Hebrew. Tap a key and BibleWorks highlights the differences between versions. View a passage in context or in parallel columns using multiple translations. With BibleWorks, it’s a snap.
  2. Get instant information. As you are reading the text, move the mouse over the text, and the Analysis Window automatically displays parsing, lexical information, and related links for the word and verse under the mouse. You can easily jump to the relevant entries in grammars and other reference works, see occurrence graphs and lists for the current word, or read your personal notations for the current verse. In addition, BibleWorks can show youeither the unique or the most common words for the immediate context. Double-click on any word in the text to search for all of its occurrences. It’s all available in the main window with a minimum of clicks!
  3. Search for words, phrases, and grammaticalconstructions. BibleWorks is renowned for its blazingly fast searches. In less than a second, find all verses containing both “grace” and “faith.” Determine the most common tense for agapaw in 1 John. Find all forms of any Greek or Hebrew lemma. Uncover related verses and words occurring in proximity to each other. Find parallels in Josephus, Philo, the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, and other texts. The BibleWorks search engine is quick and easy to use!
  4. Sharpen your Greek and Hebrew. BibleWorks comes with an array of Greek and Hebrew grammars, lexicons, paradigm charts with audio, flashcard sets with audio, and more, including Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics (Wallace) and An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Waltke & O’Connor). As you browse through the Scripture text, links to the relevant entries are displayed automatically. Whether you’re seeking to keep your language skills honed or just taking Intro Greek, BibleWorks has language tools to keep you on track!
  5. Check cross-references. BibleWorks comes with about a dozen cross- reference sets. The consolidated view shows the most commonly used cross-references right next to your current verse. The cross-reference display tracks and updates whether you’re mousing over Bible text in English, Greek, Hebrew, or any of the Bible versions in the program. You can even add your own!
  6. View and print sentence diagrams. BibleWorks comes with a fully diagrammed Greek New Testament. The Leedy diagrams use traditional symbols, and the MacDonald diagrams are built using syntactic parallels. From the current verse you are studying, you can jump directly to the diagrammed version of the passage.
  7. Copy text into your word processor. You can gather your search results and easily paste English, Greek, Hebrew text and other information into your word processor. BibleWorks lets you customize the appearance of verse references in copied text. You can even specify the Unicode Greek and Hebrew fonts to use when transferring text
  8. Examine underlying manuscript information. We’re excited with this release of BibleWorks to include the Center for New Testament Textual Studies’ New Testament Critical Apparatus and the first installment of the BibleWorks Manuscript Project. As you move the mouse over the New Testament text, you can instantly view manuscript citations and even see manuscript images where available!
  9. Learn to fly. BibleWorks comes with extensive Help to show you how to get up and running quickly. An extensive e-manual and six hours of new How-to Videos come with the program.
  10. Get what you need in one package. BibleWorks comes with over 200Bibles in 40+ languages. Standard Greek and Hebrew texts and the major English Bibles (NIV, NLT, KJV, NKJV, ESV, HCSB, NAS, NJB, NRS, etc.) are included along with a large number of translations in Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, and more! The program includes dozens of lexicons, grammars, reference works, and countless tools and features for Biblical exegesis and research. Our aim is to provide one package with all the tools you need to lay the exegetical groundwork necessary to interpret Scripture!


  • Windows® XP/Vista/7 (Mac users require additional virtualization software such as Parallels, Fusion, VirtualBox, or Boot Camp. Mac and Linux)
  • Minimum 1024x600 display
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM
  • 1 GB hard drive space free (15 GB for full install)
  • DVD drive
  • Internet Explorer® version 7
  • Internet connection for updates

Published July 2011

Book Details

Publisher: BibleWorks LLC
Publication Date: July 2011

"Version 9 of BibleWorks is, well, a 10! The addition of the textual apparatus from the Center for New Testament Textual Studies is alone worth the upgrade, not only because of the astonishingly detailed information it provides, but also because of the masterful way in which that information has been integrated into the program -- and all of this at no extra cost. The inclusion (also at no extra cost) of the Moody Bible Atlas (with high-resolution images of its beautiful maps and photos) and the addition of various other enhancements and tools make this extraordinary program even more useful than before. I for one am a very grateful customer."
— Moisés Silva,Author and Scholar,Translator for both the NAS and ESV Bibles

"An avid user of the last five versions of the program, I have long regarded BibleWorks as the gold standard for personal research and classroom use. If you're like me, then, you might wonder what more they could do. Prepare to be impressed! I noticed immediately that I had more choices at my fingertips, so that options available in earlier releases were more accessible. In fact, with the colorful, user-friendly toolbar, I was unsure whether I was now seeing, as if for the first time, tools and resources I had overlooked in previous versions. BibleWorks 9 introduces new text-critical resources – including the CNTTS apparatus, line-by-line comparison of mss., even images of some of the more important ones. This means I won't be moving back and forth between my computer screen and my hard copy of the Greek New Testament as before. I opened the new, second analysis window and found I could work on issues of grammar and usage (or any mix of possibilities) at the same time. Now I can simultaneously search the lexicon, study usage, and view a text in context – and that's only one combination of options available to me in this new configuration. A great resource for serious biblical studies just got better…"
— Joel B. Green, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament Interpretation &Associate Dean for the Center for Advanced Theological Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary

"BibleWorks 9 is an invaluable tool for studying the scriptures... I use BibleWorks every day, and BibleWorks 9 makes a great product even better!"
— Dr. Thomas Schreiner, Louisville, Kentucky