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Christianity Explored (DVD)

Christianity Explored (DVD)
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Cooper, Barry (Author); Tice, Rico (Presen...

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Publisher's Description

Christianity Explored gives you time and space to think about the big questions of life and to explore the life of the man at the heart of the Christian faith.

Discover the real Jesus on this 7-week journey through the Gospel of Mark. Written by Barry Cooper, co-writer of the original Christianity Explored course, and presented by gifted evangelist, Rico Tice, on location across the UK.

Published May 2011

Book Details

Publisher: Good Book Company
Publication Date: May 2011

“Christianity Explored is a tremendous resource for churches who want to reach their community for Christ. It provides a welcoming, accessible, and unapologetically scriptural presentation of the gospel. It also serves as a practical, useable, model to equip and mobilize a congregation for evangelism. This new edition is superbly produced and can be easily used in small or large group contexts.”
- John Currie, Lecturer in Practical Theology and Director of Student Development and Alumni Relations, Westminster Theological Seminary

"I wish every Church, every Sunday School Class, and every Small Group would use Christianity EXplored at least once a year. Then our churches might once again become what they were meant to be: God’s evangelistic society and network of spiritual maternity hospitals where we live in expectation that new Christians will be born.

I personally value Christianity Explored as a tool for evangelism for a wide variety of reasons:

  • Because of Rico Tice’s clear and engaging presentation of the Gospel
  • Because Christianity EXplored uses The Gospel (of Mark)—and not just a few isolated texts—to tell the Gospel of Jesus
  • Because using it in the church family creates a context for Christians to use their gifts together to show others, as well as tell them about, the good news and the new life they have found in Christ
  • Because it also walks those who are already Christians through the Gospel and strengthens both their understanding of it and their ability to express it.
  • Because I have rejoiced to see people come to faith in Christ through its ministry."

- Sinclair B. Ferguson, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Systematic Theology, Wesminster Theological Seminary

Read Kevin Deyoung’s reviews of the second edition at the Gospel Coalition’s Website: here

Read Mike Horton’s endorsement: here, where he writes, Christianity Explored—especially with this newly revised edition—is exactly what we’ve needed for a long time. My prayer is that churches faithful to getting the gospel right will become just as known for getting the gospel out. And Christianity Explored is the best supporting resource I know of for helping us to do that.

"Christianity Explored used to be a great resource for introducing people to Jesus. Now it’s even better. Fresher, sharper, simpler. I love the way the whole course now revolves around Mark’s Gospel, completing the claim that people will meet Jesus from the pages of Mark’s account."
- Tim Chester, Author of Total Church and Pastor of The Crowded House, Sheffield

“This is an outstanding resource to help ordinary Christians in ordinary churches commend the gospel of the Lord Jesus to others, and this revision makes it even better. Christianity Explored models at the entrance to the Christian life the kind of faithfulness to the Bible that will lay good foundations for a lifetime of discipleship. It does not fight shy of speaking the less palatable truths, while speaking with warmth and passion of the whole gospel. The combination of clarity, winsomeness, wisdom and challenge will be very hard to beat.”
- Christopher Ash, Director of the PT Cornhill Training Course; Author of Listen Up!

"We have no better evangelistic tool or method than inviting the Holy Spirit to speak through God’s Word and testify to the identify, mission, and call of Jesus Christ. And that’s just what Christianity Explored does by helping leaders guide their friends, family, and neighbors through the Gospel of Mark to discover the God who is just to punish sin and merciful to forgive all who call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ."
- Collin Hansen, editorial director, The Gospel Coalition; co-author of A God-Sized Vision: Revival Stories That Stretch and Stir. Editor at Large for Christianity Today

“Rico Tice is one God’s great gifts to this generation. He is a passionate preacher of Christ crucified. The course he has developed draws people into a careful study of Marks gospel. It is great to see from Mark who Jesus was, why he came and what he requires of us.”
- Phillip Jensen, The Dean of Sydney

“What I welcome about the Christianity Explored course is that, in taking us through Mark’s Gospel, it emphasizes truths which are often neglected - like the gravity of sin, the centrality of the cross, the sufficiency of grace, and the necessity of repentance.”
- John Stott, Rector Emeritus, All Souls Church, London

“Christianity Explored offers a highly effective way to help unbelieving friends consider the claims of Christ for themselves, and to voice their comments and questions in a context of learning and discovery. An evangelistic study of Mark’s Gospel, it has energized and equipped many Christians to share their faith more effectively and comes with study materials that are attractive, succinct and to-the-point. It is sensitive to the objections, fears, and misapprehensions of unbelievers, showing respect and consideration for honest doubts and questions.”
- Alistair Begg, Senior Pastor, Parkside Church, Ohio

“It has been an increasing concern of ours to train our people better for gospel ministry in terms of their own witness. Our people have been greatly helped by Christianity Explored, they’re encouraged and beyond encouraged - they’re excited and very eager to get about the work of gospel witness.”
- Fred Zaspel, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Skippack, Pennsylvania