Christian's Pocket Guide to Jesus Christ: An Introduction to Christology

Christian's Pocket Guide to Jesus Christ: An Introduction to Christology
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Jones, Mark


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Publisher's Description

Could you explain Christology if asked to? For many of us, the whole concept of Christology is as mystifying as a foreign language, yet Christians down the ages have fought to defend the person and work of Christ - seeing him and what he did quite rightly as a vital element of how we are saved. If we are to understand this subject we need to know the person of Christ; not just what he did (his work) but who he is (his person).

Through this book we get to know the Son of God who indeed is God and not just a superman! He is the one who came from above and became fully human having a human body and soul. Being God enabled him to pay the debt owed for sin and being man enabled him to stand on man's behalf for their sin. In straightforward and simple layman terms this book will explain the interconnectivity of the work and person of Jesus Christ and dispel any misconceptions you may have.

84 Pages
Published July 2012

About the Author

Mark Jones is the Minister of Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA), Vancouver, Canada. He is married to Barbara and they have four children.

Book Details

84 Pages
Publisher: Christian Focus
Publication Date: July 2012
ISBN 10: 184550951X
ISBN 13: 9781845509514

“Mark Jones has served us well by writing this short introduction to the doctrine of Christ. His book is biblical, clear, and rooted in historic Reformed theology.”
- Joel R Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Who is Jesus Christ? Our answer to that question will determine our eternity. What we believe about Jesus is essential to our belief in Jesus. In this book, Dr. Mark Jones helps to answer hard questions about the person and work of Jesus Christ in a simple and clear manner. This book is an excellent tool for evangelism and discipleship, and it is a much-needed resource for new believers, laypeople, and pastors alike.”
- Burk Parsons, Associate Pastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel, Sanford, Florida, editor of Tabletalk magazine.