Confessions, Paperback: Works of Saint Augustine I/1

Confessions, Paperback: Works of Saint Augustine I/1

Augustine; Boulding, Maria


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Augustine virtually invented the genre of the personally revealing autobiography. In this literary classic we find Augustine discussing his journey to faith. Raised by a Christian mother and a pagan father turned Christian late in life, Augustine would carry on a dalliance with the best the Pagan Roman and North African world had at the time. Here we read of the famous pear-theft incident and Augustine's struggle with sensuality. Here we learn of the struggles of his friend Alyppius with the gladiator fights and we find Augustine ever so slowly drawn into the Father's arms through Jesus Christ so that Augustine could say of us that our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God. - Jeff Waddington - Westminster Bookstore Staff, 2005

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Publisher: New City Press
ISBN 10: 1565480848
ISBN 13: 9781565480841