Covenant Theology: A Reformed and Baptistic Perspective on God's Covenants

Covenant Theology: A Reformed and Baptistic Perspective on God's Covenants
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Nichols, Greg


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Publisher Description:

More than 30 years in the making, from Greg Nichols' class notes comes a new volume that will help those who are Reformed and Baptistic understand the vital subject of GOD'S COVENANTS from the perspective of those persuaded of Disciple's Baptism.

386 Pages
Published 2011

About the Author

: Greg Nichols is an instructor in Systematic Theology at Reformed Baptist Seminary in Taylors, and a Pastor at Grace Immanuel Reformed Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, MI. Greg Nichols has over 30 years of pastoral experience.

Book Details

386 Pages
Publisher: Solid Ground Christian Books
ISBN 13: 9781599252629

"Baptists who embrace their historic Calvinistic and Covenantal roots have long since needed a robust and comprehensive treatment of Covenant Theology that includes the nuanced interpretations of the biblical covenants that a baptistic hermeneutic requires. This treatment by Greg Nichols does just that and more. As a devotee of the Westminster tradition (including its chapter, 'On God's Covenant with Man'), I differ here and there; sometimes significantly so. But there is so much to applaud in this volume and Baptists will do well to read this volume carefully and with much gratitude. A splendid achievement. I, for one, will insist that my Presbyterian students read it."
— Derek W. H. Thomas, Minister of Preaching and Teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC

"There has been an urgent need for Reformed Baptist to produce a work on the covenants. I am so thankful that Greg Nichols has engaged this very weighty work. It is a very timely addition on a vitally important topic and adds much to a growing Reformed Baptist literary body."
— James R. White, Alpha and Omega Ministry

"Greg Nichols has done a wonderful job of articulating a genuinely reformed and baptistic model of covenant theology. The fruit of decades of study and teaching on his subject, this volume should be read by all who want to understand the proper framework of divine revelation. My counsel to all ministerial students is 'Tolle lege' (take up and read)."
— Dr. Robert P. Martin, Emmanuel Reformed Baptist Church, Seattle, WA, Author of "Guide to the Puritans"

"The Old Testament was inspired by the Spirit of God. It is certainly a record of what is true, of creation, fall, and the promise of the Messiah. There is the whole machinery of redemptive anticipation that God set up with his old covenant people. What of family life? What of the children of believers? Their sons are no longer to be circumcised. What is the status of the sons and daughters of believers under the new covenant? Such questions are fascinating and Baptists are asking them and seeking answers. Hence the appearance of this book which comes out of many years of thought and preparation by Greg Nichols and has been eagerly anticipated by the gospel church. May it do much good. May we all look again at the Scriptures and find a new help in understanding them in this satisfying and provocative volume."
— Geoff Thomas, Pastor of Alfred Place Baptist Church in Aberystwyth, Wales

"I remember the very first class that I took from Pastor Nichols which was on the Doctrine of the Covenants and thinking to myself, 'This material has utterly transformed the way that I look at the Bible.' Until that point, I had never been taught covenant theology and so the effect of this biblical teaching on my life was nothing short of profound! Four thoughts come to mind as I think about this new book: thoroughly scriptural, historically confessional, warmly pastoral and experientially practical. My prayer is that the publication of this work will be that which our great God uses to edify His church and to get much glory to His own holy Name."
— Pastor Rob Ventura, Grace Community Baptist Church, North Providence, RI, Co-Author of "Portrait of Paul"

"As a former student of Greg's in the Trinity Ministerial Academy, I cannot say enough good about his lectures in systematic theology. In addition to playing a primary role in shaping my ministry, they have had a significant impact upon me personally. His lectures on Doctrine of the Covenants are among my favorites. I am not aware of anything in print that treats this topic as clearly and comprehensively, and from a distinctly Baptist perspective. Greg's emphasis throughout is biblical, pastoral, and practical, with a contemporary flavor."
— Pastor Jim Domm, Englewood Baptist Church, Englewood NJ

"Pastor Greg Nichols' lectures on the Biblical Covenants is a breath of fresh air among a smog of other materials available on the same subject. Presented in a plain and readily understandable way, it has revolutionized my thinking and approach to understanding God's dealing with mankind. Next to a grasp of Biblical Calvinism, nothing has opened up my understanding more to the Word of God than this. It has enabled me to see the true unity that does exist in both the Old and New Testaments while at the same time enabling me to understand the differences. These lectures offer a Biblical alternative to the serious Bible student without feeling they must be either Pedo-Baptist or Dispensational in their approach to the scriptures. With nothing like them in print available, it would be a great asset to the Church of Jesus Christ to have these available in printed form."
— Pastor Martin Hoffman, Providence Baptist Church, Lecanto, FL

"Greg Nichols' approach to theology is rooted in his commitment to the Word of God. He has always desired to allow the bible to speak and to sit under its revelation. Over the years I have had both the joy and the privilege to sit through his teaching on various aspects of Systematic Theology and benefited greatly from it. I can heartily recommend his writings to you, it will take you back to your bible, deepen your understanding of God's Holy Word and draw your closer to the Lord."
— Pastor Robert Briggs, Immanuel Baptist Church, Sacramento, CA

"During the early 1980's when I was training for the Christian ministry, it was my privilege to sit under the teaching of Pastor Greg Nichols for a significant portion of my class-work. His instruction exerted a formative influence in opening up the entire Bible to me. His material on the covenants for example, was so insightful in unveiling the framework of redemption. Reformed Baptists would benefit by having Pastor Nichols' material in print. It would help our churches to better understand our faith and better pass it on to the next generation."
— Pastor Stu Johnston, Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Mebane, NC

"One of the benefits of being under the theological teachings of Greg Nichols is being able to enthusiastically recommend his lectures. His lessons enrich the soul of the Christian, extract beautiful principals from Biblical texts that fix themselves in the heart and make them unforgettable. Based on my understanding of Christ and His Word, and my Christian experience I recommend availing yourself of the theological teachings of Greg Nichols."
— Pastor Oscar Arocha, Pastor, Bautista de la Gracia, Santiago, Dominican Republic