Depression: The Way Up When You Are Down (RCL Booklet) (CCEF)

Depression: The Way Up When You Are Down (RCL Booklet) (CCEF)
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Welch, Edward T.


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Product Description: Lost ambition. Emotional numbness. Fear and withdrawal. Fatigue. Marks of what is commonly called depression.

If you are one of the many people suffering from depression, there is hope and there is help-a way up when you are down. Even if you don't feel like doing anything, this booklet provides manageable steps for getting started on the path that leads out of depression.

Edward T. Welch helps us understand the spiritual issues involved, whether one's depression is caused by physical problems or results in them. Getting to the heart of what depression says and means, Welch guides us through a process of dealing with depression biblically and effectively.

Good counsel for those who struggle with depression: hear the gospel of Christ, know and act on your purpose. Suggests 11 practical steps of love and obedience.

32 Pages
Published 2000

About the Author

Edward T. Welch is the author of such best-selling titles as Depression: A Stubborn Darkness, Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave, Blame It On the Brain and When People Are Big and God Is Small. He received a PhD in Counseling Psychology (Neuropsychology) from the University of Utah, and a M.Div. from the Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, PA. Welch is a licensed psychologist and works as a counselor, faculty member, and director of the School of Biblical Counseling at the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation in Glenside, Pa. His written work and speaking ministry, which are characterized by sound biblical exposition and paired with dynamic practical application, are in great demand by today's modern church.

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32 Pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
ISBN 10: 0875526829
ISBN 13: 9780875526829