Family Feuds: How to Respond (CCEF Minibook)

Family Feuds: How to Respond (CCEF Minibook)
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Lane, Timothy S.


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Publisher's Description

Do you dread family get–togethers and try to avoid your extended family whenever you can? When you see your family, do you sometimes regret the way you talk and act? Why is it so hard to get along with the people we grew up with?

Childhood hurts, unrealistic expectations, and old patterns resurfacing are just some of the reasons that Timothy S. Lane shares for unresolved family feuds. But despite these challenges, you can learn to love your family. Change happens as you look honestly at your family and yourself, grow in understanding God’s love and mercy for you, and reach out with love in concrete, practical ways.

About the Author

Timothy S. Lane, MDiv, DMin, is executive director of CCEF, a faculty member, and a counselor with almost twenty years of experience. He is the co–author of CCEF’s Transformation Series curriculum, How People Change, and Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, in addition to numerous articles and booklets.

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CCEF exists to Restore Christ to Counseling. We have a passion for personal change that is centered in the person of Christ. We have seen him bring significant change to individual lives. This passion is our heritage and heartbeat, and it leads us to constantly revisit the question, ‘How do the riches of the Gospel impact my life and my efforts to help others?’ Everything we do flows from our desire to equip Christians to live and love in a Christ–centered way.

CCEF also exists to Restore Counseling to the Church. We believe that the body of Christ is God’s primary context for change, the community God uses to transform his people. CCEF’s mission is to equip the church to be this kind of transforming community. We see ourselves as an extension of the local church, and we want to serve and promote its ministry.

We accomplish our mission through a unique synergy of counseling, courses, publications, and conferences. What ties these strands together is our passion to equip God’s people to experience Christ amid the challenges of daily life.

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Book Details

23 Pages
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication Date: October 2009
ISBN 13: 9781934885376