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Fathers and Sons Volume 1: Stand Fast in the Way of Truth

Bond, Douglas

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Product Description

Stand Fast in the Way of Truth is the first book of a two-volume set containing 48 readings. These books allow over a year of close fellowship between father and son, with the goal of leading sons toward Christian manhood. Taking serious issues seriously, yet promoting a joyful life of enjoying the pleasures of God, these books show how, when a young man makes decisions about the direction his life will take, the stakes are high. It strengthens the faith and love of fathers and sons and promotes Christian leadership and maturity in young men.

331 Pages
Published December 2007

About the Author

Douglas Bond teaches English at Covenant High School in Tacoma, Washington, and is a ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church in America. Bond lives with his wife, two daughters, and four sons in Washington state. Visit his website at

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