George Washington's Sacred Fire

George Washington's Sacred Fire

Lillback, Peter A.


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Publisher's Description

George Washington, the uniquely venerated Founding Father of our nation, valiant warrior of the American Revolution and devoted family man has been the subject of countless writings by scholars and storytellers alike.What sets George Washington's Sacred Fire apart from all previous literary works on this man for the ages, is the exhaustive fifteen years of Dr. Peter Lillback's research, revealing a world icon driven by the highest of ideals, not the least of which was his genuine Christian faith.

A vast number of books on George Washington are characterized by anecdotal recountings and factually unsubstantiated conclusions that,up to now,few have strived to correct by painting an accurate, meticulously detailed portrait. American history bookshelves are replete with volumes on George Washington, penned by living men forcing dead men to perform tricks of the writers" choosing. Only do George Washington's own writings, journals, letters, manuscripts, and those of his closest family and confidants reveal the truth of this awe-inspiring role model for all generations.

Growing up in a single parent household, George was faced with similar circumstances and challenges as many throughout history and indeed today. Yet, Dr. Lillback draws on primary source research to paint a picture of a man, who, faced with these challenges and circumstances, ultimately drew upon his persistent qualities of character" honesty, justice, equity, perseverance, piety, forgiveness, humility, and servant leadership, to become one of the most revered figures in world history. Major General Nathanael Greene, writing of his commander in chief, declared, "I hope we shall be taught to copy his example, and to prefer the love of liberty, in this time of public danger, to all the soft pleasures of domestic life." These are values and determination that are widely absent in today's society.

Where a nation begins distinctly determines the course it treads. George Washington set the cornerstone for what would become one of the most prosperous, free nations in the history of civilization.—Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports,—he said in his farewell address. Through this book, Dr. Lillback, assisted by Jerry Newcombe, will reveal to the reader a newly inspirational image of General and President George Washington.

About the Author

Peter A. Lillback is president of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. He also serves as the president of The Providence Forum. Previously he served as pastor of Proclamation Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, PA.

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1187 Pages
Publisher: Providence Forum Press
Publication Date: July 2006
ISBN 10: 0978605268
ISBN 13: 9780978605261

An enlightening, engaging, and long overdue correction of the falsehood that Washington lacked faith.
- Rodney Stark, Baylor University

. . . . Dr. Lillback buries the myth that Washington was an unbeliever - at most a "deist" - under an avalanche of facts . . . .
- Robert P. George, Princeton University

Secular historians ignore George Washington's ward Nelly Custis, who wrote that doubting his Christian faith was as absurd as doubting his patriotism. But they cannot ignore this mountain of evidence suggesting Washington's religion was not Deism, but just the sort of low-church Anglicanism one would expect in an 18th century Virginia gentleman. His "sacred fire" lit America's path toward civil and religious liberty.
- Walter A. McDougall, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author