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Gospel: Recovering the Power That Made Christianity Revolutionary

Gospel: Recovering the Power That Made Christianity Revolutionary
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Greear, J. D.


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Could the gospel be lost in evangelical churches? In this book, J.D. Greear shows how moralism and legalism have often eclipsed the gospel, even in conservative churches. Gospel cuts through the superficiality of religion and reacquaints you with the revolutionary truth of God's gracious acceptance of us in Christ. The gospel is the power of God, and the only true source of joy, freedom, radical generosity, and audacious faith. The gospel produces in us what religion never could: a heart that desires God.
The book's core is a "gospel prayer" by which you can saturate yourself in the gospel daily. Dwelling on the gospel will release in you new depths of passion for God and take you to new heights of obedience to Him. Gospel gives you an applicable, exciting vision of how God will use you to bring His healing to the world.

266 Pages
Published October 2011

About the Author

J. D. Greear is lead pastor of The Summit Church, a multi-site congregation in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. He holds an M.Div. in International Church Planting and a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Greear also lived and worked among Muslims in Southeast Asia for two years and wrote Breaking the Islam Code. He and his wife have four children.

Book Details

266 Pages
Publisher: Broadman and Holman Publishers
Publication Date: October 2011
ISBN 10: 1433673126
ISBN 13: 9781433673122

"My fellow pastor, J.D. Greear, through his book, has helped us in this quest for gospel-saturated living. He takes the principles of gospel centrality and shows us how to orient our lives around it. I appreciate how in refreshing and real ways he makes the gospel accessible to others so that they can experience its transforming power. I especially like the book's practical section on gospel prayer as a way to assist us in rehearsing these truths deep into our hearts and minds. Whether you are exploring Christianity for the first time or are longing to 'look into these things' again and again, let me invite you to spend time with this helpful book."
- Timothy Keller, senior pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church and author of The Reason for God

"If you're not amazed by the blood-soaked good news that ripped you from the grave, then you just might be on your way to being bored to death. And boredom leads to the futility of rote performance, pretending, and ultimately despair. I'm thankful one of my favorite preachers in the world, J.D. Greear, takes all that on in this book. With precision and punch, J.D. brings the shock and awe of gospel power. This book won't just engage your mind, it'll quicken your pulse."
- Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology and senior vice-president for Academic Administration at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of Adopted for Life

"What is left if the gospel is lost? That question should haunt the evangelical mind as we are now surrounded by so many false Gospels, partial Gospels, and confused Gospels. Addressing this emergency, J.D. Greear offers sound counsel, clear biblical thinking, and the full measure of conviction in helping Christians and churches recover the authentic gospel of Jesus Christ."
- Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., president, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of He Is Not Silent

"Radical obedience to the person of Christ can only spring from reckless trust in the sufficiency of Christ. I am grateful to God for my friend J.D. Greear and his call to plant our lives and churches solidly in the soil of the gospel. This book will help you rest daily in God's great grace as you live continually for God's great glory."
- David Platt, senior pastor, The Church at Brook Hills and author of Radical

"The Gospel truly changes everything. In GOSPEL pastor J.D. Greear makes that truth crystal clear. In this book your will learn that Christ's presence and approval are all you need today and always for everlasting joy. I love this book for the blessing it will be to the body of Christ. It has a word for us all."
- Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of Engaging Exposition

"With this book J.D. Greear solidifies his position on a team of young evangelical voices calling the twenty-first century church back to the gospel. He powerfully and probingly shows that the gospel is just as necessary and relevant after you become a Christian as it is before because the gospel doesn't simply rescue us from the past and rescue us for the future; it also rescues us in the present from being enslaved to things like fear, insecurity, anger, self-reliance, bitterness, entitlement, and insignificance. J.D. makes the clear case that when the word of the gospel—Christ's love for us without strings attached—grips our hearts, it sets us free and changes everything."
- Tullian Tchividjian, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and author of Jesus + Nothing = Everything

"My soul continues to be encouraged by the stirring up of strong voices to point people to the gospel and what appears to be a genuine movement back to that thing that Paul considers "of first importance." J.D. has done a masterful job of clarifying and wringing out the gospel implications for the life of the believer. Whether you are a pastor, have been in church your whole life, or have recently become a Christian you will find this book to be helpful."
- Matt Chandler, lead pastor, The Village Church

"J.D. is clear on the gospel, humble and humorous. He's written a book that's good for the Christian lacking assurance, the Christian tempted to legalism, the Christian tempted to guilt, the Christian tempted to selfishness. If you want to be missional and faithful, reaching out while holding fast, this book will encourage you."
- Mark Dever, senior pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church and author of Nine Marks of a Healthy Church

"I love the gospel and the way that the gospel fuels zeal... and I love the way that J.D. writes about it. This is a gospel saturated book that will guide you in your desire to love the Lord and your neighbor. I highly recommend it."
- Elyse Fitzpatrick, author of Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus