Growth Groups: A Training Course in How to Lead Small Groups

Growth Groups: A Training Course in How to Lead Small Groups
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Marshall, Colin


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Publisher's Description

Small groups for Bible study and prayer are now a well-established part of most Christian churches. And these groups tend to succeed or fail largely on the quality of their leadership.

In churches across Australia and the UK, Growth Groups has become the standard leadership training resource to meet this need. By using Growth Groups churches have found that their small groups are better focused on Christian growth—both in maturity and in gospel outreach.

To run the Growth Groups training course, you will also need a copy of the Growth Groups Trainer Notes booklet.

About the Author

Colin Marshall has spent the past 30 years training men and women in the ministry of the gospel, both in university and local church contexts. He is a graduate of Moore Theological College (BTh, MA) and the author of Growth Groups, a graining course for small group leaders, and Passing the Baton, a handbook for ministry apprenticeship. Until 2006 he directed the MInistry Training Strategy, and is now heading up Vine Growers, a new training ministry aiming to help pastors and other ministry leaders implement the principles in this book (see

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179 Pages
Publisher: Matthias Media USA
Publication Date: January 1995
ISBN 13: 9787875245406

"So you loved The Trellis and the Vine, and you want to flow those principles into your small groups? The key is people (surprise, surprise). You need to work closely with your leaders (and prospective leaders), and train them in ‘vine work’. The best framework I know of for doing this is Growth Groups, a small group leadership course by my good friend (and co-author) Colin Marshall. It is simply superb."
- Tony Payne, Author, The Trellis and the Vine

"One of God's kind acts to me was to introduce me to the life and ministry of Colin Marshall. For almost thirty years, Col's wise counsel, godly example, original thinking and persistent pursuit of biblical, faithful, gospel-centered goals have been a major enrichment to me personally and to our church. This book will bring to a wider audience the wisdom of this great servant of Jesus. I pray that those who read his words will gain something of the benefits that those of us who know him personally experience."
- Phillip Jensen

"Every church should be an equipping centre. Every congregation needs to be continually training and developing Christians for ministry. Colin Marshall has provided us with this superb training manual. I regard it as on of the best amongst a proliferation of such materials. Col's expertise in this area is outstanding. I would love to see every church utilise this manual for the training of its leaders."
- Dudley Foord