Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi [Ep Study Commentary]

Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi [Ep Study Commentary]
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Duguid, Iain M.


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Source: Christ Presbyterian Church

Publisher's Description

The last three books of the Old Testament, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi, have not always received the attention they deserve from the church. This is in some ways surprising, since the Gospel writers quote Zechariah 9–14 more often than any other biblical source in explaining Christ's sufferings and death.

One reason for the tendency to neglect these three books lies in the fact that they address a community who were living in a day of small things, with little glory and no great triumphs to show off to a watching world. In a day like ours, which puts such a premium on charismatic leaders whose ministries exude glory and success, they may be viewed as something of an embarrassment.

But if, like the apostle Paul, we are content to be broken vessels without glory in ourselves so that the glory of Christ crucified may be all the more plainly displayed, then we shall find much blessing in these books. In them, we shall read of the comfort and challenge that come from the presence of the living God in our midst, even when his glory is not on public display. In them, we shall also read of the anticipation of the day when the glory of God would come to earth in the person of Christ and bring about the long-promised salvation of his people.

About the Author

A native of Great Britain, Iain Duguid served as a missionary in Liberia, West Africa, before studying for the ministry. He completed a PhD in Old Testament at Cambridge University, and subsequently planted a church on an inner-city housing estate in Oxford, England. He has taught Hebrew and Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi and at Westminster Seminary California, before teaching at Grove City College, in Grove City, Pennsylvania. He is also an ordained minister in the Associated Reformed Presbyterian Church.

While working at the seminary in California, he also planted and pastored a church in Fallbrook. Shortly after he began at Grove City, he planted Christ Presbyterian Church. In his classes, Dr. Duguid is eager to help students learn not merely how to translate texts from Hebrew into English but also how to preach Christ from those ancient texts in ways that minister to the hearts of contemporary congregations.

About the Series

"Sufficiently scholarly to give [them] credence in the academic world, but at the same time ... sufficiently straightforward to make (them) accessible to any serious student of the Bible."
- (From The Banner of Truth)

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255 Pages
Publisher: Evangelical Press
Publication Date: May 2010
ISBN 10: 085234712X
ISBN 13: 9780852347126

"These volumes admirably fulfill the purpose of the series in not being 'overwhelming' or burdensome. In fact they are very readable. They are what a good commentary should be: reverent, instructive, exegetically helpful, theologically sound and spiritually reflective."
- The Banner of Truth

"Overall this is a scholarly, reliable commentary from the evangelical Reformed perspective, which will enlighten the serious Bible student."
- Evangelicals Now

"It is not over the head of the average reader, nor beneath those who know more. These volumes are for layman and minister alike."
- The Gospel Magazine