Handel's Messiah: Comfort for God's People

Stapert, Calvin R.

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If you want to enjoy and appreciate Handel's beloved Messiah more deeply, this informed yet accessible guide is the book to read.

Here you will find fascinating historical background to Messiah, including its unlikely inception, and learn about its reception and impact from Handel's day to our own. Calvin Stapert devotes most of his book to scene-by-scene musical and theological commentary on the entire score, demonstrating how the music of Messiah beautifully intertwines with and illuminates its biblical text. Through these pages Handel's popular and much-loved masterpiece will be greatly enhanced for listeners old and new alike.

197 Pages
Published October 2010

About the Author

Calvin R. Stapert is professor emeritus of music at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he taught for thirty-eight years, and a founding member of the Forum for Music and Christian Scholarship.

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