Heaven and Hell: What Comes After Death?

Heaven and Hell: What Comes After Death?

Donnelly, Edward A.


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Publisher's Description

This book concerns both the most popular and the most unpopular of all Christian teachings- heaven on the one hand, and hell on the other. Yet the two belong together, and the Bible, and Christian teaching through the ages, have always done what Ted Donnelly does in this series of addresses- held the two together, and not allowed either reality to be emphasized to the neglect of the other.

In this outstanding work, Donnelly first paints in the sombre background of the biblical teaching on hell, so that we may be warned to flee from it, and so that the glorious reality of heaven may shine all the brighter, and attract us all the more strongly.

Like the author’s earlier work published by the Trust, Peter: Eyewitness of His Majesty, the book excels in biblical realism and pastoral warmth.

About the Author

Edward Donnelly pastored Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, before his retirement in 2011. He serves as Professor of New Testament Language and Literature, and Principal, at Reformed Theological College in Belfast. He is a trustee of the Banner of Truth Trust, and is a much-appreciated preacher and conference speaker. He is married to Lorna and they have three grown-up children.

Ted Donnelly is the author of the Trust’s titles, Peter: Eyewitness of His Majesty (1998) and Biblical Teaching on the Doctrines of Heaven and Hell (2001).

Book Details

136 Pages
Publisher: Banner of Truth
Publication Date: February 2001
ISBN 10: 0851518117
ISBN 13: 9780851518114