How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home

How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home
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Thomas, Derek


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In How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home, Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas explores Romans 8, which he calls “the best chapter in the Bible.” Here he finds an exposition of the steps through which God leads His people in the process of their salvation, but also loving counsel on such topics as prayer and resisting the Devil, as well as exhortations and comforts for weary pilgrims. Dr. Thomas begins at Romans 8:1 with “the best news imaginable”—believers’ just and deserved condemnation before God has been taken away by Jesus Christ’s work on the cross. He then contrasts earthly minded and spiritually minded people, showing that only those who are spiritually minded know life.

In Romans 8:29–30, he explores several steps in the process of salvation—foreknowledge, predestination, calling, justification, and, finally, glorification—which show God’s invincible purpose in redemption. Finally, he unfolds the powerful promise of the final few verses of Romans 8: nothing can separate those God has redeemed from His saving love. How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home is a powerful exploration of the manifold gifts the heavenly Father has lavished upon His people—and a preview of the greater inheritance that lies ahead.

150 Pages
Published May 2011

About the Author

Derek Thomas is professor of systematic and practical theology at Reformed Theological Seminary. He also serves as minister of teaching at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Mississippi, and is the editorial director of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

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150 Pages
Publisher: Ligonier Ministries
Publication Date: May 2011
ISBN 13: 9781567692563

"While Christians may believe that the gospel merely begins our Christian lives, Derek Thomas shows us convincingly that the gospel is the beginning, middle, and end of our lives—indeed, that it is status-shaping, holiness-motivating, and glory-providing. Moving through the grand biblical themes of Romans 8 that shape our understanding of who and whose we are, believers will see that our union with Jesus determines everything about us. Would that my church members might marinate in these truths and so emerge gospel-soaked and gospel-encouraged."
— Dr. Sean Michael lucas, Senior minister, First Presbyterian Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Author of What is Grace?

"In How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home, Derek Thomas skillfully expounds Romans 8, a passage that has become my favorite chapter of the Bible. Thomas dives deep into doctrinal truth and beckons us not only to believe these truths intellectually, but to experience the beauty of our personal salvation against the backdrop of the final restoration of all things."
— Trevin Wax, Author of Counterfeit Gospels and Holy Subversion

"If asked, ‘Which chapter of the Bible would you take with you to a desert island?’ I suspect many believers would answer, ‘Romans 8.’ In a glorious section of God’s Word, Paul sets before us the trials and the triumphs, the pains and the gains, the indicatives and the imperatives of living life as a child of God—saved by Christ, led by the Spirit, and cared for by a heavenly Father. Now, if a commentary on Romans 8 were permitted on the desert island, I would, without hesitation, recommend this wonderful exposition by Derek Thomas. Like the chapter it illumines so clearly, it is a literary treasure and a spiritual feast."
— Dr. Iain D. Campbell, Pastor, Free Church of Scotland in Point, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, Author of Heroes & Heretics and Doctrine of Sin

"The best books are those that instruct the mind, engage the imagination, and ignite the heart with love for God. Dr. Derek Thomas’ How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home does all three. With theological care, textual precision, and a pastor’s heart, Dr. Thomas holds Paul’s glorious meditation in Romans 8 to our eyes and helps us remember again just how great is the salvation Jesus won for His people. If you want a better understanding of the Bible, a deeper appreciation for the gospel, and a spur to worship Jesus Christ our Savior, this book is a great place to start."
— Greg Gilbert, Senior pastor, Third Avenue Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky, Author of What is the Gospel?