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How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth: A Guide to Understanding and Using Bible Versions

How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth: A Guide to Understanding and Using Bible Versions
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Fee, Gordon D. & Mark L. Strauss


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Publisher's Description

With so many Bible translations available today, how can you find those that will be most useful to you? What is the difference between a translation that calls itself "literal" and one that is more "meaning-based"? And what difference does it make for you as a reader of God's Word?

How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth brings clarity and insight to the current debate over translations and translation theories. Written by two seasoned Bible translators, here is an authoritative guide through the maze of translations issues, written in language that everyday Bible readers can understand.

Learn the truth about both the word-for-word and meaning-for-meaning translations approaches. Find out what goes into the whole process of translation, and what makes a translation accurate and reliable. Discover the strengths and potential weaknesses of different contemporary English Bible versions. In the midst of the present confusion over translations, this authoritative book speaks with an objective, fair-minded, and reassuring voice to help pastors, everyday Bible readers, and students make wise, well-informed choices about which Bible translations they can depend on and which will best meet their needs.

Author Information: Gordon D. Fee (PhD, University of Southern California) is professor of New Testament at Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mark Strauss (PhD, Aberdeen) is professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary in San Diego. He has written The Davidic Messiah in Luke-Acts, Distorting Scripture?, The Challenge of Bible Translation and Gender Accuracy, and Luke in the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Background Commentary series.

176 Pages
Published October 2007

Book Details

176 Pages
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication Date: October 2007
ISBN 13: 9780310278764

"Yet another book on translation? Yes, and this is the one I shall now recommend to concerned Christians who want to understand what the perpetual flap over Bible translation is all about. Few will agree with every judgment in its pages, but for courtesy to all sides, accuracy in technical matters, clarity of writing, a deep commitment to faithful rendering of the original, and an abundant supply of that least common gift, 'common sense,' this is the book on translation that deserves widest circulation."
D. A. Carson, Research Professor of the New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"There are so many translations out there…which one should we choose? Fee and Strauss do a marvelous job of explaining how translations come about, giving us the basis to make an intelligent decision. Everyone should read this book, but I particularly recommend it for seminary students, ministers, and anyone who teaches the Bible in schools and churches."
Tremper Longman III, Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies, Westmont College

"For the third time in these How to...for All Its Worth books, Gordon Fee has teamed up this time with Mark Strauss to produce another winner. It's a great read, filled with good illustrations from the numerous English translations from the past and the present, and written in an engaging way. Readers will be more accurately informed on how translation decisions are made and what translations are more suited for the different audiences. The chapter on the Greek genitive, though brief, is worth the price of the whole book, for it demonstrates more quickly than anything else the difference that separates a "formal equivalent" translation from a "functional equivalent" one. When it comes to translating the Bible we cannot afford to minimize either accuracy or meaning. Fee and Strauss have upheld both values while fairly evaluating the large number of English translations that have been given as a gift to the body of Christ."
Walter C. Kaiser Jr., President Emeritus, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

"Fee and Strauss each have strong careers relating to English Bible translation issues which have prepared them to write this book. At a time when fairness in debates about English Bible translation has suffered, Fee and Strauss restore fairness, along with scholarly substance, as they discuss important qualities to consider when choosing a Bible version. A strength of their book is the large number of examples used to illustrate translation points."
Wayne Leman, Translation Consultant, Wycliffe Bible translators

"What a blessing to us all! That's what How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth is to Christians everywhere. Gordon Fee and Mark Strauss have written a masterpiece on a much debated and important subject. This book is unbiased, thought-provoking, and even inspirational as it creates a fresh appetite for understanding God's Word."
Jim Cymbala, Senior Pastor, The Brooklyn Tabernacle