How to Read the Bible as Literature: And Get More Out of It

How to Read the Bible as Literature: And Get More Out of It

Ryken, Leland


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Publisher's Description

If you want to rightly understand the Bible, you must begin by recognizing what it is: a composite of literary styles. It is meant to be read, not just interpreted. The Bible’s truths are embedded like jewels in the rich strata of story and poetry, metaphor and proverb, parable and letter, satire and symbolism. Paying attention to the literary form of a passage will help you understand the meaning and truth of that passage.

How to Read the Bible as Literature takes you through the various literary forms used by the biblical authors. This book will help you read the Bible with renewed appreciation and excitement and gain a more profound grasp of its truths.

Designed for maximum clarity and usefulness, How to Read the Bible as Literature includes:

  • sidebar captions to enhance organization
  • wide margins ideal for note taking
  • suggestions for further reading
  • appendix: 'The Allegorical Nature of the Parables'
  • indexes of persons and subjects

About the Author

Leland Ryken (PhD, University of Oregon) is professor of English at Wheaton College in Illinois, where he has twice received the "teacher of the year" award.

Book Details

208 Pages
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication Date: 1984
ISBN 10: 0310390214
ISBN 13: 9780310390213

“I believe that the literary dimension of Scripture needs to be stressed in hermeneutics, sermon preparation, and Bible study in general. Much misunderstanding of Scripture would be eliminated if the literary element of Scripture were taken more seriously. I am enthusiastic about this book.”
- Ronald B. Allen, Professor of Hebrew Literature, Western Seminary