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If I Should Die Before I Wake: A Look Beyond This Life

If I Should Die Before I Wake: A Look Beyond This Life

Oliphint, Scott; Ferguson, S.

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Publisher Review:

According to the pollsters a belief in Heaven is actually on the increase. Although the thought of heaven may be popular, probably less thought is given to how to get there than your annual holiday. It is only when events rudely awaken us that we are pressed into asking some of the serious questions about the place where most people expect to go.

Sometimes the prompt is our children with a plaintive "Where is Grandma now?" Mostly, though, thoughts of heaven, and more particularly the death that precedes going there, are pushed out by the hedonistic lifestyle that most of us live. If the purpose of life is simply to enjoy it: then an absence of life (i.e. death) is a recipe for no fun at all! But still we believe in heaven.

In this contemporary classic Scott and Sinclair discuss why no one really dies of 'natural causes', gives true/false answers to the reasons people think will get them to heaven, explains what the Bible has to say about the future, what heaven is like and how to be ready for death.

Facing death enables us to face life - knowing more about your future makes an enormous difference to the present. It's time you looked your future square in the face and thought 'What does it hold for me?'

Book Details

Publisher: Christian Focus
ISBN 10: 1857929969
ISBN 13: 9781857929966

With pastoral sensitivity and deep biblical understanding, Oliphint and Ferguson move from the cold, concrete reality of death to the glorious Christian hope in new creation and resurrection life. Though many are hopeful concerning life beyond, the basis for such hopes is often shaky. The death of a loved one or a child’s simple question can highlight such insufficiencies. If I Should Die Before I Wake communicates clearly and accessibly the Bible’s teaching concerning the origin of death, the way to heaven through Christ, and what the future life will be like. Closing chapters helpfully offer ways that deeper understanding and contemplation of death and the future life may nourish and strengthen the believer. – Matthew Harmon, Westminster Bookstore Staff