I'm Exhausted: What to Do When You're Always Tired (CCEF Minibook)

I'm Exhausted: What to Do When You're Always Tired (CCEF Minibook)
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Powlison, David


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Christian Counseling and Education Foundation
This resource is produced by The Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF). To find out more visit their website at www.ccef.org.

Publisher's Description

As a chronic fatigue sufferer, life as you once enjoyed it has ceased. Fatigue can be brought on by a myriad of physical, emotional, or spiritual issues. But, whatever the cause, your entire world is now affected by your diminished physical strength.

David Powlison understands how debilitating and demoralizing a constant state of fatigue can be through his own five-year struggle after heart surgery. Powlison encourages sufferers that, unlike the world, God embraces the weak and provides strong, enduring resources through Christ for moment-by-moment strength. Readers will learn to adjust their thoughts and expectations and lean into the steady arms of Christ.

About the Author

David Powlison, MDiv, PhD, is a faculty member and counselor at CCEF with over thirty years of experience. He has written numerous articles on counseling, many booklets, including Facing Death with Hope; Healing after Abortion; Recovering from Child Abuse; and Renewing Marital Intimacy, and several books, including Seeing with New Eyes; Speaking Truth in Love; and The Biblical Counseling Movement: History and Context.

About The Christian Counseling and Education Foundation

Since 1968, the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation has set the pace in biblical counseling. We teach people how to explore the wisdom and depth of the Bible and apply its grace-centered message to the problems of daily living. Simply put our mission is to Restore Christ to Counseling and Counseling to the Church.

CCEF exists to Restore Christ to Counseling. We have a passion for personal change that is centered in the person of Christ. We have seen him bring significant change to individual lives. This passion is our heritage and heartbeat, and it leads us to constantly revisit the question, “How do the riches of the Gospel impact my life and my efforts to help others?” Everything we do flows from our desire to equip Christians to live and love in a Christ-centered way.

CCEF also exists to Restore Counseling to the Church. We believe that the body of Christ is God’s primary context for change, the community God uses to transform his people. CCEF’s mission is to equip the church to be this kind of transforming community. We see ourselves as an extension of the local church, and we want to serve and promote its ministry.

We accomplish our mission through a unique synergy of counseling, courses, publications, and conferences. What ties these strands together is our passion to equip God’s people to experience Christ amid the challenges of daily life.

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24 Pages
Publisher: New Growth Press
Publication Date: September 2010
ISBN 13: 9781935273721