J is for Jesus (Audio CD)

J is for Jesus (Audio CD)
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Publisher's Description

J is for Jesus is a CD of fun and truth filled songs for pre-schoolers and lower-primary aged kids. Led by Karen Pang (from ABC’s Play School), and the Emu kids band, this collection of songs grew out of our desire to integrate Jesus into the everyday world of little kids. Songs include the catchy tunes ‘Bible Alphabet’ and ‘If Noah lived at Uluru’, and the beautiful song ‘Don’t be afraid of the night’, which assures kids that God is always watching over them.

Enhanced CD includes transposable sheet music and overheads.

  1. The Hello Song | Listen to Sample
  2. Jesus is the Boss | Listen to Sample
  3. God Knows | Listen to Sample
  4. If Noah Lived at Uluru | Listen to Sample
  5. The Bible Alphabet | Listen to Sample
  6. The Colour Song | Listen to Sample
  7. Easter Friday | Listen to Sample
  8. 2 Timothy 3:16 | Listen to Sample
  9. God Made Me Special | Listen to Sample
  10. Blind Bartimaeus | Listen to Sample
  11. He Overflows with Love | Listen to Sample
  12. God’s in Charge of the Weather | Listen to Sample
  13. Five Little Seeds | Listen to Sample
  14. One Little Star | Listen to Sample
  15. God Gave me Two Eyes | Listen to Sample
  16. Day and Night | Listen to Sample
  17. I’m a Knight from Long Ago | Listen to Sample
  18. God Made Me | Listen to Sample
  19. I Can Talk to Jesus | Listen to Sample
  20. Don’t Be Afraid of the Night | Listen to Sample
  21. The Goodbye Song | Listen to Sample

(If the Samples do not play, right click on the link and save the mp3 file to your desktop.)

Book Details

Publisher: Matthias Media USA

`These two cds offer a great selection of song with catchy tunes and memorable lyrics. Designed for teaching young children (pre-K to second grade), their great strength is the way in which they explain simple gospel truths, from God's sovereignty to the doctrine of scripture, in everyday, accessible language, reinforced by a variety of delightful melodies. Some songs are of a sing-along variety, some are reflective, some contain short pieces of helpful commentary. They will make a great resource for Sunday School teachers looking for new material to sing with the kids, and for parents who want to teach their children biblical truths via an attractive and memorable medium. Particularly striking is the fact that the teaching in the songs is expressed in such a way that even unchurched children will be able to benefit from them, making them ideal for Vacation Bible Schools, kindergarten, and other similar children's activities. Highly recommended for teachers, parents, and children alike."
- Dr. Carl Trueman (VP for Academic Affairs, WTS) and Mrs. Catriona Trueman

"My family loves this CD. The songs are fun, singable, and full of gospel truth. The theology of the songs is obviously intentional and more complete in its scope than most children's music. These songs introduce God to your child as both Creator and Redeemer; they celebrate Jesus as both Lord and Savior, as crucified and risen. The melodies, instrumentation, and lyrics are simple and clear, not too busy or "grown-up." They also do a great job of incorporating biblical truth into common "early childhood" learning subjects, such as basic vocabulary and concepts about animals ("God Made the Pig"), nature ("Who Made the World?"), and our bodies ("Two Little Eyes")." As with the other Emu music CD we carry, " "J" is for Jesus," there is one song on the album for which I didn't think the musical style matched the content of the song, but that is the only thing on the whole album I think could have been done better."
- Jim Weidenaar, Westminster Bookstore Staff

"'Of the various groups around the world that are producing new hymns and songs for the 21st-century church, Emu must be ranked with the best. Concerned with Biblical fidelity on the one hand, they are no less concerned to communicate to a new generation in musical idioms that are both contemporary and artistically pleasing."
- D. A. Carson