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Little Black Books: What's Life All About?

Little Black Books: What's Life All About?
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Petty, Scott


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Publisher's Description

Somehow, we can spend much of our lives ignoring the biggest question there is. What's the point of life? Why are we here? And what should we do with our time?

The answers to these questions are big, but they don't need to be scary. Scott Petty goes to the heart of the matter while also answering some of the common questions young people have about life:

  • What does God think about me?
  • Can you be a Christian and not go to church?
  • What is the most important thing in life?

Like all the Little Black Books, this is a fun read and gets straight to the point.

About the Author

Scott is the youth minister at Christ Church St Ives in Sydney, and loves the tricky questions young people ask about the Christian journey. He also loves his beautiful wife, Carolyn, his three energetic sons, racing bicycles, Italian coffee, food in general, rock‘n’roll and Apple computers, probably in that order.

About the Series

A new series of books that get straight to the point on the topics that Christians always have questions about. Not too big, not too fancy, and not at all boring. Little Black Books are ideal for young Christians (ages 14-20+), but speak biblical truths applicable to any age range.

Book Details

76 Pages
Publisher: Matthias Media USA
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN 13: 9781921441851