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Mortification of Sin Study Pack

Mortification of Sin Study Pack
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Owen, John


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This Study Pack includes John Owen's Mortification of Sin and accompanying Study Guide.

Publisher's Description

John Owen, abridged and made easy to read by Richard Rushing. In this abridgement of a classic work, the famous Puritan John Owen shows the need for Christians to engage in a life-long battle against the sinful tendencies that remain in them, despite their having been brought to faith and new life in Christ. Owen is very insistent that believers cannot hope to succeed in this battle in their own strength. He sees clearly that the fight can be won only through faith in Christ, and in the power of the Spirit. Fighting sin with human strength will produce only self-righteousness, superstition and anxiety of conscience. But with faith in Christ, and with the power of the Spirit, victory is certain. The temptations in times like Owen's and ours are obvious on every side; the remedy to them is clearly pointed out in this practical and helpful book.

168 Pages
Published: 1994

About the Editor: R. J. K. Law qualified as a medical doctor at St. Thomas' Hospital but later entered the Anglican ministry. He ministers in four parishes in Devon and is married with four children.

Mortification of Sin
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Study Guide for The Mortification of Sin
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Publisher's Description

Across the world students and young people are discovering anew the sound spiritual wisdom that is to be found in the practical writings of the seventeenth-century Puritan theologian, John Owen. Among Owen's valuable works is his treatise On the Mortification of Sin, a book that has brought much-needed encouragement to many struggling in the ongoing battle against indwelling sin. This new study guide, based on the Banner's Puritan paperback edition of Owen's work, will be of great assistance to individuals and groups who want to get the most out of their reading of Owen's spiritual classic.

112 Pages
Published: August 2008

About the Author

Rob Edwards is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in America. A graduate of the University of Georgia and Westminster Theological Seminary, he has worked with college and university students for several years under the auspices of Reformed University Fellowship. Rob is married to Angie and they have three children, Emma, Lucy and William.

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from The Banner of Truth

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168 Pages
Publisher: Banner of Truth
Publication Date: Published: 1994
ISBN 13: mortstudypack

How do we achieve victory over sin? Why do Christians keep sinning and how do we stop? Owen examines the necessity of mortification for the Christian, outlines what mortification does or does not entail, and examines the symptoms of sin. Then he demonstrates how the Christian must completely, and with humility, depend on the work of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to truly win the battle against sin.