One New People: Models for Developing a Multiethnic Church

One New People: Models for Developing a Multiethnic Church

Ortiz, Manuel


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Publisher's Description

God created us with diverse cultural and individual backgrounds. He intended those differences for our corporate delight and blessing. But too often we let differences separate us from each other.

In One New People Manuel Ortiz persuades us of the benefits in fellowship and outreach that we can experience by crossing racial, ethnic and cultural lines. He urges us not just to put aside our differences but to celebrate them and to embrace them—to use them in a way that draws us closer to each other and closer to God.

To that end, he offers a variety of models for creating and sustaining a multiethnic church. You'll explore new possibilities by reading stories of those who have already reaped the benefits of multiethnic approaches to community and ministry. And you'll sort out which options are best for your situation by working through the questions for thought and discussion that are included throughout the book. Finally, you'll find here ideas and principles to guide you through the process of change and growth: improving communication, managing conflict, encouraging and training new leaders, and much more.

Here is inspiration, guidance and time-tested models for broadening the ministry of your church to reflect the power of God not only to overcome our differences, but also to transform them into a source of strength and joy.

About the Author

Manuel Ortiz (DMin, Westminster) is professor of ministry and urban mission and director of the urban program at Westminster Theological Seminary. For fourteen years he ministered to Hispanics in Chicago, founding four churches, two elementary schools and an extension school for theological education. He has continued in community ministry by planting a multiethnic church in Philadelphia and by promoting urban and multiethnic ministry around the nation through his speaking and consulting efforts.

Book Details

158 Pages
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Publication Date: February 2010
ISBN 10: 0830818820
ISBN 13: 9780830818822