Outrageous Mercy: Rediscovering the Radical Nature of the Cross

Outrageous Mercy: Rediscovering the Radical Nature of the Cross
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Farley, William P.


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"A winsome reminder of how essential, radical, and mind-blowingly merciful the gospel actually is. - Carolyn McCulley, Soverign Grace Ministries

Publisher's Description

How can God demand justice and be merciful at the same time? What meeting ground exists between one who is infinitely holy and those who are utterly sinful?

The cross of Christ answers these questions - and many more - so why do we take such an important symbol so lightly? Why do we print it on bumper stickers and wear it as a fashion accessory but seldom reflect on its significance?

Bill Farley urges you to examine the cross closely and discover the rich spiritual truths deep in its grain. Journey with him to the foot of the cross and learn new, transforming lessons from Jesus' suffering.

Whether you're a new believer, and experienced Christian, or a veteran of ministry, making the cross central to your life will give you fresh insights into God's purposes for you.

The spirit of the cross is revolutionary. It tells you everything you need to know about God, positively impacting your relationships with relatives, friends - even enemies.

Journey inside and see why the cross is most valuable not when worn around the neck, but when embraced by the heart.

192 Pages
Published January 2008

About the Author

Bill Farley is pastor of Grace Christian Fellowship in Spokane, Washington. He has published articles in Discipleship Journal, Enrichment Journal, and Focus on the Family Magazine

Book Details

192 Pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
Publication Date: January 2008
ISBN 13: 9781596381346

"Farley has given us a beautiful book that "lifts high the cross" and thus imparts mercy and grace for the Christian life. Outrageous Mercy is a book to read and reread."
-R. Kent Hughes, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois

"It's so easy to forget the gospel and to try to live a "good Christian life" in your own strength. Bill Farley has created a winsome reminder of how essential, radical, and mind-blowingly merciful the gospel actually is. This is a great book for new believers, but it's even more useful for established believers battling spiritual weariness. It's a splash of cold water to the dry soul."
-Carolyn McCulley, Sovereign Grace Ministries, author

"This book has obviously been forged out on the anvil of sincere thought and real living. There is no hype or fluff. . . . God's people very much need to hear and heed these words. The message has been like strong medicine to me, helping me to see my own shameful self-centeredness and to become re-centered on what is truly most important."
-Neil W. Anderson, Wycliffe Bible translator, author

"The Latin word for cross is crux. In this fine book on the cross, Bill Farley takes us to the crux of the Christian faith. Outrageous Mercy indeed."
-Douglas Wilson, Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho

"A powerful, cross-centered book. I especially appreciate the straightforwardness of the content. The fact is that we are surrounded by a church culture that does not routinely valuethe Cross. Farley does a good job explaining how churches degenerate but he also does a great job showing the biblical basis and daily implications of the cross."
- Tony Reinke, The Shepherd's Scrapbook

"Bill Farley has written a magnum opus on the centrality of the cross in Christian life. . . . The cross is presented as not simply an historical cross . . . but a present-day multi-faceted cross - a means of death that God asks us to embrace on a daily basis in order to find life. Farley explores with penetrating insight how we can do so. This book represents a significant contribution to the church's understanding of the significance of the cross. I cannot recommend it highly enough."
-Robert Andrews, author

"[Farley's] argument is bracing and presented with clarity. . . . I found his work stimulating for meditating upon and proclaiming the faith."
-Robert Carroll Walters, The Living Church

"Farley writes logically and practically . . . With passion and sensitivity, he calls the church back to the biblical doctrine of the cross. It's a needed message in the church today."
-CBA Marketplace

"The chapter on suffering presents a comforting view, and the one on worship is an excellent treatise on meaningful worship. . . . Eleven subdivided chapters make this book usable for elective study on Sunday morning, but it's also basic doctrine for individual study."
-Church Libraries

"Farley is a strong writer with a memorable, hard hitting message. . . . He speaks the truth in love and humility."
-Publishers Weekly