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Pastor-Teachers of Old Princeton: Memorial Addresses for the Faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary 1812-1921

Pastor-Teachers of Old Princeton: Memorial Addresses for the Faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary 1812-1921
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Garretson, James M.


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For those who with C. H. Spurgeon ‘value every morsel about the Princeton worthies’, this book will be a source of inspiration as well as information. For the first time a number of important primary source documents relating to ‘old Princeton’ have been brought together to form what is a remarkable story of devoted service to Christ and his church. Funeral sermons, memorial addresses, and magazine articles, honoring the labors of the leading faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary during the years 1812-1921, provide fascinating insights into the lives of such worthies as the Alexanders, the Hodges, Samuel Miller, Henry A. Boardman, Alexander T. McGill, James C. Moffat, William Henry Green, William M. Paxton, and B. B. Warfield.

Established in 1812 by the Presbyterian Church in the USA, Princeton Theological Seminary grew from humble beginnings – just three students meeting in the home of Dr Archibald Alexander – to become the premier ministerial academy in the English-speaking world. This was due in no small part to a succession of godly and gifted pastor-teachers whose piety and faithfulness to the Bible as the Word of God bore an abundant spiritual harvest in the lives and ministries of the seminary’s many graduates.

The record of their lives demonstrates afresh the vital truth so memorably put by Robert Murray M‘Cheyne: ‘In great measure, according to the purity and perfection of the instrument, will be the success. It is not great talents God blesses so much as likeness to Jesus. A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God.’

Clothbound Hardcover
574 Pages
Published 2012

About the Author

Dr James M. Garretson is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). He has pastored congregations in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the PCA and taught at Knox Theological Seminary. He is the author of Princeton and Preaching: Archibald Alexander and the Christian Ministry.

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574 Pages
Publisher: Banner of Truth
ISBN 13: 9781848711617