Perspectives on the Sabbath: 4 Views [Perspectives Series]

Perspectives on the Sabbath: 4 Views [Perspectives Series]

Blomberg, Craig L; Donato, Christopher Joh...


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Perspectives on the Sabbath presents in point-counterpoint form the four most common views of the Sabbath commandment that have arisen throughout church history, representing the major positions held among Christians today. Skip MacCarty (Andrews University) defends the Seventh-day view which argues the fourth commandment is a moral law of God requiring us to keep the seventh day (Saturday) holy. It must therefore remain the day of rest and worship for Christians. Jospeh A Pipa (Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary) backs the Christian Sabbath view which reasons that ever since the resurrection of Christ, the one day in seven to be kept holy is the first day of the week. Craig L. Blomberg (Denver Seminary) supports the Fulfillment view which says that since Christ has brought the true Sabbath rest into the present, the Sabbath commands of the Old Testament are no longer binding on believers. Charles P. Arand (Concordia Seminary) upholds the Lutheran view that the Sabbath commandment was given to Jews alone and does not concern Christians. Rest and worship are still required but not tied to a particular day.

420 Pages
Published April 2011

About the Author

Craig L. Blomberg is distinguished professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary and holds a Ph.D. in New Testament from Aberdeen University in Scotland. His previous books include "Jesus and the Gospels "and the New American Commentary volume on the book of Matthew.

Christopher John Donato is senior associate editor of "Tabletalk "magazine, a devotional reader that exists to help explain important doctrines and events that shape the church while encouraging people to reflect the image of Christt in both word and deed. He lives in Lake Mary, Florida.

Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. has been both a church pastor and theological professor. He is currently President and also Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in South Carolina and exercises a worldwide expositional ministry.

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420 Pages
Publisher: Broadman and Holman Publishers
Publication Date: April 2011
ISBN 10: 0805448217
ISBN 13: 9780805448214