Providence Handled Practically

Providence Handled Practically

Sedgwick, Obadiah


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Like his Puritan colleagues, Sedgwick was a wise observer of providence. In "Providence Handled Practically," he shows how the over ruling hand of God should be considered as it comes to bear on the life of the Christian and the church. After briefly explaining the words of Matthew 10:29-31, he distinguishes between God's general and special providence. Then follows an extensive discussion of the practical use of this doctrine. The author's Thanksgiving sermon, entitled "Haman's Vanity," which was preached before the House of Commons is added as an appendix to this work. Here, Sedgwick draws a parallel between Haman's plot to decimate the Jews and a Royalist plot that was hatched in London to seize the Parliamentary leaders. This edition has been edited for modern readers and has an introductory essay by Joel R. Beeke and Matthew Winzer. Read it, pass it along to a friend, and be comforted by the God who promises to never forsake the works of His own hands.

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Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books
ISBN 10: 1601780257
ISBN 13: 9781601780256