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Reverberation: How God's Word Brings Light, Freedom, and Action to His People

Reverberation: How God's Word Brings Light, Freedom, and Action to His People

Leeman, Jonathan


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Publisher's Description

What is the most effective way to grow a church? It's not a new methodology or cultural outreach strategy, it's...the Word of God. In this book, Jonathan Leeman wants you to realize that the Word, working through God's Spirit, is responsible for the growth of God's church and we need to trust it! Leeman not only informs and equips the leadership of local churches for greatest effectiveness in their preaching ministry but explains how to translate that into the life of the church throughout the week. The book also deals with two errors - not trusting the Word (resulting in a pragmatic ministry philosophy) and not living in light of the Word, (resulting in a ministry philosophy of "preaching is enough").

Reverberation explains the pulpit ministry and traces the theme of how the Word continues through the life of the church. Both theological and practical, Reverberation focuses on how the church hears, responds, discusses, implements and is transformed by the Word. No high-octane production, superstar personalities, or postmodern entreaties, just stuff that is really old, really good, and really powerful!

208 Pages
Published February 2011

About the Author

JONATHAN LEEMAN is an elder at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC. He serves as director of communications for 9Marks and is editor of its eJournal. He is the author of The Church and the Surprising Offense of God’s Love, released in 2010. Jonathan lives with his wife and three children in the Washington DC area.

Book Details

208 Pages
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication Date: February 2011
ISBN 10: 0802422993
ISBN 13: 9780802422996

Jonathan Leeman has written a very helpful book that examines the role of the Word in the life of the church. So much emphasis has been placed in recent years on the mechanics of preaching, in terms of exegesis, exposition, etc; yet, to preach—and to listen—properly, one must also have an understanding of the theology of preaching, of the Word in action. This book plugs precisely that gap and should be read by pastors, elders, and, indeed, church members.
- Carl R. Trueman, vice president for Academic Affairs Westminster Theological Seminary, PA

God uses his all-sufficient Word to grow Christians and gather churches. In this book, Jonathan Leeman presents a glorious vision of this work. His presentation is biblical and theological as well as practical and compelling. It's theology applied. He draws the lines and colors in the picture. The Bible and life in the local church should reenforce one another in connecting us with God. Is that your experience? As a careful student of the Bible, Jonathan masterfully illustrates what this should look like.
- Mark Dever, senior pastor Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington D.C.

Jonathan's book is profound in both its insight and its simplicity. The logic is clear and easy to follow, the conclusions fresh and challenging. Most helpful to me was the refreshing first person honesty woven throughout the book. It is obvious this book is the work of someone who has wrestled with the role of the Word in his life and ministry and become convinced that there is no substitute for it.
- J.D. Greear, lead pastor, The Summit Church

What exactly do we trust the Bible to do? In Reverberation, Jonathan Leeman demonstrates what it means to find confidence and security in the sufficiency of the Bible as the Word of God. In this book, we are taken through the life of the church and the life of the Christian into the life of the world in order to understand what it means for Christians to trust the Bible as fully authoritative, fully trustworthy, and absolutely sufficient.
- Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., president The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Reverberation helps us pastors take a bold stand: Don't be distracted by passing fads. Make the Word of God the centerpiece of your church, pray for power from above, and keep moving forward. Jonathan Leeman's compelling book has stirred my heart. It is now on the agenda of leadership training at our church.
- Ray Ortlund, lead pastor Immanuel Church, Nashville, TN

Fall in love with the Bible once again after reading Jonathan Leeman's Reverberation. With a great mixture of conviction, history, and application, Reverberation challenges us to place our full attention back on the Scriptures. Reverberation is a challenge to return to the power of God's Word being preached and working in the lives of people to create change that then impacts others.
- Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research

I like the way Jonathan Leeman shows how preaching the Word is vital for the church's life and mission—and also that the ministry of the Word can be woven into the entire fabric of the church's life.
- Mark Galli senior managing editor Christianity Today

I am not sure that we can ever say enough about the authority of God's Word and its incredible power. It is a light, a hammer, a seed, and the list could go on and on, but as we take this Word and not only receive it as instruction, but apply it in our daily walk, what a difference it makes in our world and the world in which we live. Jonathan Leeman has done us a great service in showing the activity of God's Word in us, in the church, and in the world. Read it, and pass it along to your people.
- Pastor Johnny Hunt former president, Southern Baptist Convention

Put this book into the hands of any Christian you wish to give a revolutionizing appreciation of God's Word in the local church. Many believe their lives and their churches are "based on the Bible." But few have as compelling a vision for the word of God reverberating in everything we do as the vision Jonathan Leeman presents here. Leeman is the rare writer who writes with love, clarity, and wisdom about topics that confuse, divide, and frustrate. Here, he writes about the Word of God reverberating through the people of God. The result? A book that makes you love God's Word more, and thereby love the God of the Word more. From page to page, my soul was happy reading this book. Reverberation made me thirst for the Word of God!
- Thabiti Anyabwile, senior pastor First Baptist Church, Grand Cayman

Since Eden, our ancient Foe has never deviated from his primary objective: to overtly and covertly assault God's Word. Satan is ever attempting to hide and distort the power of Scripture and its destiny-determining effect. The Enemy is quite happy for our Bibles to collect cobwebs. In Reverberation Jonathan Leeman blows the dust off our Bibles and helpfully guides us to understand, value, and apply the living Word of God. Clearly written, succinct, and deeply thought-provoking, this book will challenge you to give the Bible its rightful primacy in your life.
- Rick Holland, executive pastor Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA

Jonathan Leeman reminds us that the ministry of the Word begins in the pulpit, but then it's to reverberate through the songs, prayers, and life of the church. May this book cause us all to hit that reverb button.
- Marshall Shelley editor, Leadership journal

Many churches talk about being "Bible based," but what would a church look like that is really founded on the Scriptures? In this wonderfully written book, Jonathan Leeman shows how the preached Word of the Bible is like a stone dropped into a pool, the ripples of which shape everything about our church life—how we sing, how we pray, how we live, how we disciple each other and how we take the gospel to the world. His section on how the sermon exposes the text of Scripture, announces the gospel, and confronts the sinner is worth the price of the book alone. This is an excellent book. Buy it and be challenged.
- Tony Payne author of The Trellis and the Vine

I love books from authors who love the Word. Jonathan Leeman is one of those authors. In Reverberation, Jonathan displays his passion for Scripture, his heart for the church, and his love for King Jesus. This book has deepened my affection for and my confidence in the Word that is powerful unto salvation.
- Trevin Wax, author of Counterfeit Gospels and Holy Subversion

Reverberation is the best succinct reminder I have read of the sufficiency of the Word and Spirit for the life, health, and growth of the church. Amidst myriad methods that have failed to produced sustainable, qualitative growth in congregations, church leaders across denominational lines are looking for what Leeman provides. If they become animated by the biblical principles in this book, their churches will become powerful forces for gospel transformation.
- Matthew Pinson president, Free Will Baptist Bible College

This book has a vital message. Scripture—and only Scripture—is God's sufficient instrument by which His Spirit gathers the church, changes lives, grows us in Christ, shapes our prayers and praises, and makes disciples. The devil is always trying to replace authentic Christianity with superficial Christianity through de-centering Scripture in the church. With freshness and warmth this clear and readable book commends this crucial truth.
- Christopher Ash, director of the FT Cornhill Training Course and author of The Priority of Preaching

Jonathan Leeman calls the church to fill its tank with the high octane fuel of biblical exposition. He demonstrates how the Word should travel through the body life of the local church. Both pastor and people will be encouraged by Reverberation.
- Pastor Ted Traylor Olive Baptist Church Pensacola, FL

At a time when every new idea for doing church seems to be both "eye" centered and "I" centered, Jonathan Leeman reminds us that the truly healthy church will always be uniquely aural and uniquely not-about-me. For both reasons, this is a wonderful book.
- John Yates, rector of The Falls Church Anglican