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Scottish Theology

Scottish Theology

MacLeod, John


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Publisher's Description

Macleod's magisterial knowledge of Scottish theology is evident in this, the standard work on the subject. The current reign of revisionist history in connection with the story of Scottish theology since the Reformation is a lamentable fact. Constantly, it seems, one is implored to believe that historic Scottish theology at its best bears more resemblance to the thought of Barth and Amyraut than to the Westminster Confession, and that at its worst it sustains a closer relation to Arminius and even Pelagius than to Calvin and Augustine. A careful reading of John Macleod will immunize the reader from such gross and implausible distortions, and serve as a helpful road map into the study of Scottish Reformed theology: a rich land of sacred learning. For many years unavailable, Reformed Academic Press is pleased to offer this fine book to the reading public.

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Publisher: Reformed Academic Press
ISBN 13: 9781884416149