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The Glory of Christ (Puritan Paperbacks)

The Glory of Christ (Puritan Paperbacks)

Owen, John


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In The Glory of Christ, abridged and made easy to read by R. J. K. Law, we have the great Puritan pastor and theologian John Owen at his richest and most mature. Here he writes about Jesus Christ, the heart of the gospel, with biblical insight and understanding that is at times almost overwhelming for a contemporary reader.

These chapters were written during the final period of Owen's life, and began simply as his personal mediation and study, before being shared with others in public ministry. Deep love for and fervent devotion to Christ is evident on eery pages. Owen had already seen the glory of Christ from afar and pondered long on its significance. Here he speaks from his proximity to eternity, and teaches us how to see Christ more clearly and to serve him more faithfully

About the Author

John Owen (1616-38) was a leading Puritan pastor and theologian who served as a chaplain to Oliver Cromwell and later as Dean of Christ Church in the University of Oxford.

About the Editor

R. J. K. Law qualified as a medical doctor at St. Thomas' Hospital but later entered the Anglican ministry. He ministers in four parishes in Devon and is married with four children.

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Book Details

168 Pages
Publisher: Banner of Truth
Publication Date: Published: 2000
ISBN 10: 0851516610
ISBN 13: 9780851516615