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The Hope Fulfilled: Essays in Honor of O. Palmer Robertson

The Hope Fulfilled: Essays in Honor of O. Palmer Robertson
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Penny, Robert


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This is a festschrift in honor of Dr. O. Palmer Robertson for the work he has done as a scholar, pastor, church planter, seminary professor, author, and missionary-administrator. These essays seek to embody both the Reformation and Westminster flavors of Old Princeton theology and Old Southern Presbyterianism. There is an attempt to demonstrate how such beliefs bore good fruit in theological formulation, ecclesiastical life, pastoral ministry, and world-wide impact.

Featuring twenty-six essays that span the topics of Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, Practical Theology, History, and Tributes to the Dr. Robertson.
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461 Pages
Published in 2008

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461 Pages
Publisher: P and R Publishing Company
Publication Date: in 2008
ISBN 10: 1596381159
ISBN 13: 9781596381155