The Last Enemy: Preparing to Win the Fight of Your Life

The Last Enemy: Preparing to Win the Fight of Your Life
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Wittmer, Michael Eugene


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It can be unsettling to come to grips with the reality that death is the final enemy you will battle in this life. However, Michael Wittmer creatively and honestly brings hope and clarity to the subject as he helps you explore your emotions and reactions, the pain imposed by the enemy, and Jesus’ triumph over sin and death. Discover how you can have peace to focus on what matters most and prepare for everlasting life with God.

About the Author

Wittmer is associate professor of systematic theology at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, where he taught since 1996. He resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his wife and children.

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160 Pages
Publisher: Discovery House
Publication Date: March 2012
ISBN 10: 1572935146
ISBN 13: 9781572935143

“Need a recipe for a great book? Start with a topic of desperate relevance. We all face death. Add a writer who makes it look easy to write engaging, accessible, sophisticated theology. Who better than Mike Wittmer? The secret, though, to this recipe is the glorious truth that Christ has conquered death. This may sound strange, but as unpleasant as it may be to think about death, Wittmer’s joy in Christ makes this a fun book to read.”
- James Hamilton Author of God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment Associate Professor of Biblical Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Though death is a cold subject, there is no need to cringe at the thought of reading this warm book. With The Last Enemy, Dr. Wittmer places a pastoral hand on our shoulders and shows us how with ‘shaky knees and sweaty palms, faith swallows hard and clings to God’s promise that we will live again.’ Here is a book that is accessible to all readers but also theologically sound. And since, until Christ returns, the death rate will be right around 100 percent, we all need to prepare for our final breath with just such a book as this. The Last Enemy is a book that I will regularly recommend and give away.”
- Dr. Chris Brauns, author of Unpacking Forgiveness Pastor, The Red Brick Church, Stillman Valley, IL

“When you are young you feel bulletproof—life is long and death is a distant non-reality. And then you stand by the casket of a friend whose life was extinguished suddenly or you start getting old and can see your mortality quickly approaching on the horizon. There are reminders all around us that death is the ever-present, not-so-far-away enemy that threatens to take all the fun out of living. Someone needs to help us understand this haunting shadow—and not with worn out platitudes! Not to my surprise, Mike Wittmer is the one whose pen flows with honest and transparent reflections on how to get the ‘exit ramp from life’ into a productive perspective. This is the book that all of us need to read so that we can look forward to the fatal moment with courage, confidence, and eager anticipation!”
- Dr. Joseph M. Stowell Author of Eternity: Reclaiming a Passion for What Endures President, Cornerstone University

“Everyone who plans to die should read this honest look at our enemy. Each candid chapter is as plain and unadorned as Mike Wittmer the man can be—and he really can be that. But the logic is also strong with Mike Wittmer the theologian’s biblical understanding. And that offers courage without clichés. Plan to read it!”
- Knute Larson, author of The Great Human Race Pastor emeritus, The Chapel, Akron, OH

“Michael Wittmer has done a powerful service to those facing their own death with this helpful book. He replaces the shallow platitudes of pop religion with Holy Scripture’s clear teachings about life, death, and eternal life. Michael illustrates in refreshing manner why we can die and still live in Jesus Christ, death’s Conqueror. Hope and humor make this book a powerful resource for a tough time. I heartily recommend it!”
- Rev. Robert Deardoff Pastor, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, North Platte, NE