The Pilgrim's Progress: From This World to That Which Is to Come (Includes Free Reader's Guide)

The Pilgrim's Progress: From This World to That Which Is to Come (Includes Free Reader's Guide)
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Bunyan, John


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Publisher's Description

Written in the form of a highly imaginative allegory. The Pilgrim's Progress tells the unforgettable story of Christian and the extreme, soul-threatening dangers he encounters on his journey to the Celestial City. But it is also much more than an allegory: in a sense, it is both the personal story of Bunyan and the universal story of anyone who undertakes the same eternal pilgrimage. The result is a masterpiece of literature as well as spiritual truth‐a book that at one time was loved and red in nearly every home in England and North America, a book that has endured as a classic for more than three centuries.

The purpose in publishing this edition of The Pilgrim's Progress is to carry forward this treasured legacy for a new generation. With this as the objective, the text of this edition has only been lightly edited—to update archaic words and difficult sentence structure, while retaining the beauty and brilliance of the original story, and to let the story unfold with all the power, truth, and remarkable creativity of the original. It is our hope and prayer, then, that the following pages will fascinate and captivate the hearts and minds of this generation today, as was the case when The Pilgrim's Progress was first published more than three centuries ago.

New art was created specifically for this edition—thirty full-color, original paintings by the highly acclaimed artist Mike Wimmer. There is a sense in which these new paintings also carry forward the Bunyan legacy, in that many of the earliest editions of The Pilgrim's Progress also included original, engraved illustrations. As was the case more than three hundred years ago, these new illustrations—beautifully rendered in exquisite detail and faithfulness to the story—will delight a new generation of children and adults and will powerfully reinforce the timeless truths of Bunyan's original story.

About the Author

John Bunyan (1628–88) was a Reformed Baptist preacher in the Church of England. He is most famous for his celebrated Pilgrim's Progress, which he penned in prison. Although this classic allegory dominates his legacy, Bunyan was author of nearly sixty other books and tracts, including The Holy War, and Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners.

About the Editor

C. J. Lovik graduated from Westmont College California with a degree in Education and Communication and taught elementary school in Southern California. After teaching for many years, he started a manufacturing business and developed an online family-friendly Internet search engine. The Pilgrim's Progress: From This World to That Which Is to Come is Lovik's first book.

About the Illustrator

Mike Wimmer has illustrated many children's books, including most recently Robert Burliegh's One Giant Leap, and Stealing Home. His books have received the Spur Award (2003), the NCSS/CBC Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies (1990), and the Redbook Best Book (1990).

Book Details

240 Pages
Publisher: Crossway/Good News Publishers
Publication Date: September 2009
ISBN 10: 1433506998
ISBN 13: 9781433506994

"This classic has refreshed my spirit time and again when my soul has longed for Christ-centered guidance through a maze of modern detours and diversions. I'm so grateful this special edition of The Pilgrim's Progress is now available to not only a new generation of Christians but to believers like myself who need direction and refreshment along our journey toward Home."
- Joni Eareckson Tada, President, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

"If any smoothing of Bunyan's seventeenth-century language plus new colored pictures can set Pilgrim's Progress aglow in the hearts of today's young readers, this lovely book will surely do it."
- J. I. Packer, Professor of Theology, Regent College

"Every generation is heir to John Bunyan's timeless allegory, and to each generation falls the task of commending this tale anew. The collaboration of editor C. J. Lovik and illustrator Mike Wimmer has yielded a book that could well be a classic for our time. With great care, Lovik has combined the best elements of Bunyan's rich, evocative prose with accessibility for the modern reader. And in Wimmer, Bunyan has met his illustrator for the twenty-first century. The thirty illustrations that grace this edition are a world in themselves-the equal of any that appear in J.R.R. Tolkien's books."
- Kevin Belmonte, lead historical consultant for the motion picture Amazing Grace

"If you are looking for a classic edition of The Pilgrim's Progress, with a simplified form of Bunyan's original text, traditional color illustrations, and explanatory notes, this is undoubtedly the version for you."
- Timothy Dowley, author, The Christians

"For two centuries following its publication (Part 1 in 1678, Part 2 in 1684), The Pilgrim's Progress gained the status of best-read book (apart from the Bible). This magnificent production by Crossway with stunning illustrations by Mike Wimmer should help reinstate Bunyan's classic allegory to the status it belongs. It should be a question we ask ourselves: Have I read The Pilgrim's Progress? If not, repent immediately, for in taking up this volume you will find pastoral insights from a pastor of souls to help you discover the biblical way of salvation and aid you in the journey home."
- Derek W. H. Thomas, John E. Richards Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson; Minister of Teaching, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS; Editorial Director,

"C. J. Lovik's new edition of The Pilgrim's Progress almost takes one's breath away. The text is readable, the notes are clear, and the illustrations are absolutely beautiful. This is a book to be in everyone's library and will definitely occupy a prominent place in the libraries provided for Rafiki's children and adults in Africa. It is a joy to know that Lovik's edition of the Bunyan classic will be read by and to thousands of children throughout the world."
- Rosemary Jensen, Founder and President, Rafiki Foundation; author, Praying the Attributes of God and Living the Words of Jesus

"This is one of the best books I've ever read."
- Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church

"The Pilgrim's Progress has long been a favorite of many. Now there is even more to love with this beautiful, updated edition. Editor's notes clarify the ideas in John Bunyan's classic allegory, while footnotes show where in Scripture Bunyan found them. The detailed color illustrations will delight both new readers and long-time lovers of this beloved tale."
- Starr Meade, author, Keeping Holiday and Training Hearts, Teaching Minds

"Like countless others, I have been greatly influenced by The Pilgrim's Progress. Charles Spurgeon called it 'next to the Bible, the book that I value most.' It has already inspired generations, and I am confident that this new edition will inspire the rising generation. It is refreshingly readable while remaining true to this timeless classic. The illustrations, Scripture references, and study notes make it a superb resource for family devotions and study groups."
- Susan Hunt, author, Spiritual Mothering

"The longer I journey through our dear Immanuel's land, the more grateful I am for John Bunyan's 'dream' and the cruel imprisonment that occasioned it. What a gift weary travelers have been given in this precious, timeless classic-and what beauty, insight, and encouragement was borne out of his suffering! Unafraid to challenge the outward trials of moralism, materialism, and persecution, humble enough to confess his own doubts and despair, Bunyan leads us on our way to the Celestial City we long to see. And what a gift modern readers have been blessed with in C. J. Lovik's careful editing and Mike Wimmer's luminous illustrations! This book is beautiful! The Pilgrim's Progress has always been a cherished treasure, but this edition makes Christian's story-our story-sing! I'm so thankful for it!"
- Elyse Fitzpatrick, author, Because He Loves Me and Comforts from the Cross

"If a picture truly does speak a thousand words, this version of Pilgrim's Progress will be the best of all. Combining the beauty of Mike Wimmer's illustrations with this timeless classic is a stroke of genius."
- Steve Murphy, Publisher, Homeschooling Today magazine