The Preacher and Preaching: Reviving the Art

The Preacher and Preaching: Reviving the Art
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Logan, Samuel T. (Editor)


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Recommended by Timothy Witmer of Westminster Theological Seminary. See all of Dr. Witmer's recommendations.

Publisher's Description

How can today's preaching recover the vitality of its great Reformation heritage? What are the main weaknesses of the contemporary pulpit, and how can they be met biblically?

Eighteen leading pastors and homiletical scholars have joined in this volume to address these questions as they offer sharp analysis, biblical insight, and practical directives. Under the topics “The Man,” “The Message,” and “The Manner,” the authors deal with the preacher's calling, piety, personal bearing, appearance, study, organization, delivery, and much more.

Ministers, seminarians, elders, and anyone entrusted with the task of delivering God's Word will find this an enlightening, challenging, and immensely helpful volume.

About the Editor

Dr. Logan, an authority on the life and writings of Jonathan Edwards, serves as international director to The World Reformed Fellowship. Has also been President and Chancellor of Westminster Theological Seminary.

Book Details

480 Pages
Publisher: P&R Publishing Company
Publication Date: September 2011
ISBN 13: 9781596383968

"This is one of the best books on preaching that I have read. Reprinted for a new generation, this first-rate volume of essays on the theology and practice of preaching is as important today as it was when it was compiled more than 25 years ago. This book was conceived with the conviction that preachers cannot neglect the rigorous study that preaching demands, nor the heart-piercing application that the gospel invites, nor the personal piety that God requires. Written by pastors, professors, and biblical counselors - all of whom are experienced preachers - these essays will both instruct and encourage those who are called to preach and to do so faithfully and dynamically. I pray that all preachers, as well as those aspiring to preach, will read and devour The Preacher and Preaching."
- Micah Bickford, Westminster Bookstore Staff