This World Is Not My Home: The Origins and Development of Dispensationalism

This World Is Not My Home: The Origins and Development of Dispensationalism

Williams, Michael


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Dispensationalism exercises such profound influence throughout American Christianity that many do not realize how much it permeates the theological air they breathe. This World Is Not My Home delves into the thought of the two most influential dispensationalist writers: C. I. Scofield and Lewis Sperry Chafer. Melding explanation and critique, Williams sympathetically demonstrates the movement’s biblically based reaction to cultural trends as well as the deeply flawed theological excesses that resulted. Williams self-consciously limits his discussion to classical dispensationalism, while noting the movement’s increasing diversity. Nonetheless, Williams’ decision to specifically engage and critique these two figures is confirmed by the frequency that the teaching of Scofield and Chafer echoes through today’s church. – Matthew Harmon, Westminster Bookstore Staff, June 2005

Publisher Review:

Sperry and Scofield are the two most significant figures in systemising and popularising the Dispensationalist belief's of J.N. Darby. Williams traces the development of dispensationalism as a cultural and theological critique on 19th century America and England and its influence on the current instinctive spiritual beliefs of America. He analyses the internal logic that dispensationalists attempt to apply to their theology and the notable changes that are taking place within it today.

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Publisher: Christian Focus
ISBN 10: 1857928741
ISBN 13: 9781857928747