Time for the Talk: Leading Your Son into True Manhood

Time for the Talk: Leading Your Son into True Manhood
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Zollos, Steve


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Time for The Talk will help fathers walk their sons through one of the most important conversations of their lives. ‘The Talk’ is much broader than just a talk about sexuality; it’s a conversation about manhood, about right decisions, about Christ.

Time for The Talk will assist you in giving your son what he needs to steer through the moral and spiritual confusion of this world and make wise, godly, character–forming decisions. You will be equipping him to enter true manhood—a passage that many young men today never make.

This book not only provides a complete framework for discussing the key areas of manhood that every boy should learn from his father; it also guides you into developing a relationship based on truth and love that will endure for life.

About the Author

Steve Zollos is publishing editor of GoodHealth Magazine, and a community liaison helping to bring health and wellness to struggling people and neighborhoods while leading the Building Healthy Communities Initiative in the City of Norfolk. He and his wife Debbie have four sons and one daughter.

Book Details

202 Pages
Publisher: Shepherd Press
Publication Date: October 2011
ISBN 10: 1936908174
ISBN 13: 9781936908172

“This book belongs on the bookshelf of every father. As a father myself, our sex–saturated world makes the prospect of having ‘the talk‘ a terrifying one. That is why I am thankful for this book. ‘The talk‘ is about much more than anatomy and physical changes, it is about instilling godly character and teaching God’s good intention for his creation. Time for the Talk is an invaluable resource filled with wisdom and practical how–to’s that will guide and encourage a father in his relationship and responsibility to his son. Even though my son is only four, this book has given me hope that I can faithfully and honestly have ‘the talk‘ with him when the time is right. I look forward to revisiting this book as my son grows, and pray that God will use Time for the Talk not only in my family, but in every family who can get their hands on it.”
– Micah Bickford, Westminster Bookstore Staff

“According to researchers over 60% of boys from Christian homes never receive ‘The Talk‘. Many dads want to have ‘The Talk‘ but feel so ill–equipped that they never get to it. Dads (and Moms) Steve Zollos has come to your rescue. This book is comprehensive, insightful, biblical, gospel centered and above all doable.”
– Tedd Tripp, Pastor, Conference Speaker, author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart

“This book is about bigger fish than the ‘sex talk.’ It clearly, majorly, and practically includes that huge fish. But it’s about how a dad (or mom) can have personal, intimate conversations with young sons about the rich relationships Christ wants them to have with Himself, their dad, with girls, young women and with the world at large. Steve Zollos outlines serious topics about which the world does not hesitate to mis-counsel our children and youth—but always in a way that can communicate parental humility, respect their young adulthood, and that can woo their son’s openness. Steve does not write as a young youth pastor with naïve advice to parents. The wisdom of maturity in marriage and ministry and his openness about his own failures and successes with his four sons makes his counsel especially valuable for parents of young children and teens.”
– Rick Horne, author of Get Outta My Face

“Steve Zollos has provided a valuable service to fathers and their sons. Anticipation of ‘the talk‘ may terrify fathers. Be terrified no more! This book provides you with the tools you need to carry on this conversation, and to talk in everyday, practical language. Steve has plowed the ground for you. The book covers all facets of the journey to biblical manhood. It is a rich treasure of information framed in a biblical perspective. Sexual activity is an area that the world has claimed for itself. This book will help you reclaim this area for the glory of God. Time for the Talk is practical, helpful, biblical and real. When it comes to discussing human sexuality, Steve Zollos gets it right, and with his help you and your son will too.”
– John Younts, author of Everyday Talk

“A comprehensive guide to a most significant father-son conversation, Time for The Talkoffers sound practical guidance rooted in biblical wisdom. Zollos provides dads with every detail essential to a genuinely biblical conversation with their sons about sex. As a father of two boys and a counselor, I find this book to be a helpful and needed resource!”
– Jeremy Lelek, MA, President, Association of Biblical Counselors