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TNIV and the Gender-Neutral Bible Controversy

TNIV and the Gender-Neutral Bible Controversy

Poythress, Vern S.


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"The Bible is God's own Word to us." Translating the words of God has become an even more daunting task in recent years as the pressure of "political correctness" and various activist agendas have sought to influence the landscape. No issue has become more controversial than gender-neutral Bible translations, especially with the release of the TNIV.

Vern Poythress and Wayne Grudem examine the translation practice of replacing the generic "he" and the specific "father" with the gender-neutral "they" and "parent" with special attention focused on the TNIV. While translators may be well intentioned in seeking not to offend, Poythress and Grudem contend that the results are subtly changing meanings of the original texts.

The authors seek to build a dialogue that will result in understanding both sides of the gender-neutral controversy and the challenge of producing accurate Bible translations.

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Publisher: Broadman and Holman Publishers
ISBN 10: 0805431934
ISBN 13: 9780805431933

In this substantial critique of gender-neutral translation philosophies, Poythress and Grudem argue irenically but firmly for appropriately gender-specific translations. Far from mere conservatism, the authors demonstrate a mastery of the principles of translation, linguistics and language change. However, while recognizing that language does change over time, the adoption of gender-neutral translation practices actually races ahead of today's common usage and regularly obscures the specificity and theological implications of the underlying, gender-specific Hebrew and Greek. The present volume includes the entirety of the previously published Gender-Neutral Bible Controversy while opening with over 100 pages of new material related specifically to the release of the gender-neutral TNIV. " Matthew Harmon, Westminster Bookstore Staff