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Virtual Integrity: Faithfully Navigating the Brave New Web

Lohrmann, Daniel J.

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In this Internet age, technology gurus have loudly warned us of the dangers of identity theft. But computer security expert Daniel J. Lohrmann is more troubled about a different threat lurking online—integrity theft. In Virtual Integrity, Lohrmann reveals the vast scope of the potential pitfalls we face every time we surf the web—the temptations vying for our thoughts, dreams, time, and money.

In this groundbreaking book, Lohrmann launches the battle against integrity theft by setting out to answer this question: How can we safely surf our values? Lohrmann tackles topics including problems with Web filters and parental controls, the pervasiveness of cheating on the Web, and how to avoid online career pitfalls. He then offers practical tips for following his "seven habits of online integrity" and unpacks a revolutionary new paradigm for integrity security.

Lohrmann is the perfect guide for this important topic. He explains technical issues in clear, everyday language and shares compelling stories from his experiences on the job and at home. Balancing a sobering view of reality with a hopeful vision for the future, Virtual Integrity will empower you to be part of the solution, starting with surfing your values.

Author Information: Daniel J. Lohrmann, an award-winning computer security expert, directs the State of Michigan's Office of Enterprise Security and is Michigan's chief information security officer. He was named the 2008 Chief Security Officer of the Year by SC Magazine and one of the 25 most influential people in the security industry by Security Magazine. A sought-after speaker at technology conferences around the country, he lives with his wife and four children in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

208 pages
Published October 2008

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