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Wake Thy Slumbering Children: Indelible Grace V (CD)

Wake Thy Slumbering Children: Indelible Grace V (CD)

Indelible Grace

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Newest offering of "re-tuned" hymns from Indelible Grace. Mark Traphagen of Westminster Bookstore says, "Old favorites and hidden gems, as usual, with a greater variety of acoustic styles than ever before. Quickly became my favorite iGrace CD!"

From Indelible Grace: It is a joy to introduce you to this latest collection of hymns with new tunes. These hymns help us express our heart cries in words richer than our own, and open our eyes to see the beauty of a Savior who has promised the blessings we need most. What joy to know that as we cry "Wake Thy slumbering children!" we cry to the Father for His "promised blessing" to revive His church. What comfort to know that even when our hearts are bereaved and lonely, we can be reminded and encouraged: "O watch and wait with patience, and question all you will; His arms of love and mercy are 'round about thee still." What power to know that as we cry, "Come, Lord, and wipe away the curse, the sin, the stain, and make this blighted world of ours Thine own fair world again" we actually cry out to the One who died to make this dream a reality. What glory to know that, even in our dying hour, we can plead "abide with me" to the One who has promised to never leave or forsake us. We commend these hymns because we believe they have power to wake us to the reality of our great need for Jesus and open our eyes to see we have a great Jesus for our need.

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  1. Cling to the Crucified - Jeremy Casella
  2. O Help My Unbelief - Andrew Osenga
  3. In the Hours - Emily Deloach
  4. Abide with Me - M P Jones
  5. Arise, O God and Shine - Matthew Smith
  6. Beneath the Cross of Jesus - Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken
  7. Give Reviving - Chelsey Scott
  8. Hear Our Prayer (The Litany Song) - Emily Deloach
  9. O Heart Bereaved and Lonely - Sandra McCracken
  10. All Must Be Well - Matthew Smith
  11. Come Then, Lord Jesus - Katy Bowser
  12. Go to Dark Gethsemane - Sandra McCracken
  13. Face to Face - M P Jones
  14. Come, Said Jesus' Sacred Voice - Matthew Smith

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Publisher: Indelible Grace Music

Covenant seminary professor Sean Michael Lucas on the impact of Indelible Grace music on worship.