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What Is the Christian Worldview? (Basics of the Faith)

What Is the Christian Worldview? (Basics of the Faith)
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Ryken, Philip Graham


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Publisher's Description

What does Christianity have to do with ordinary life? Is there a biblical perspecitive on our wokr or recreation or whatever we do? If so, how can we gain that perspective?

Many people seek to have a biblical view of life, yet fail to apply that biblical mindset, or worldview, to all parts of their lives. Ryken reveals the basis of the Christian worldview and describes how it affects one's view of God, creation, the family, work, the arts, and other issues.

48 pages
Published 2006

About the Author

Philip Graham Ryken (DPhil, University of Oxford) is President of Wheaton College and, prior to that, served as senior minister at Philadelphia's historic Tenth Presbyterian Church. He has written or edited over 30 books and has lectured and taught at universities and seminaries worldwide. Dr. Ryken and his wife, Lisa, live in Wheaton and have five children.

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“The Basics of the Reformed Faith series of booklets provides us with brief, clear, accurate and edifying introductions to key aspects of Christian life and experience. They are biblically sound, well researched, and written by faithful pastor-teachers.” - J. Ligon Duncan, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson Mississippi

Book Details

48 Pages
Publisher: P and R Publishing Company
ISBN 10: 159638008X
ISBN 13: 9781596380080

“By sticking close to what the great biblical themes of creation, fall, redemption, and glory mean - but also imply - Philip Ryken has written a masterful primer. It offers excellent orientation for inquiries that could, with profit, extend for a lifetime.”
- Mark Noll