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Who Will be King? (Two Ways to Live for Kids) (Pamphlet)

Who Will be King? (Two Ways to Live for Kids) (Pamphlet)
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Payne, Tony


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Publisher's Description

This presentation of the gospel, carefully written and illustrated for young readers (roughly ages 7-11), is based on the Two Ways to Live outline and illustrations. With simple, clear language, but concern for the sensitivity of younger children, it is ideal for Scripture classes in schools, Sunday School lessons, beach missions, camps or just to give to young friends and family members.

You can read an online version at MatthiasMedia.com.au.

About the Author

Tony Payne has spent more than 20 years in Christian writing and editing as the Publishing Director of Matthias Media. He is a graduate of Moore Theological College (BTh Hons), and the author or co-author of many popular books and resources, including Two Ways to Live: The choice we all face, Fatherhood: What it is and what it's for, Guidance and the Voice of God, Prayer and the Voice of God, and Six Steps to Reading Your Bible.

Book Details

17 Pages
Publisher: Matthias Media USA
ISBN 10: 1876326727
ISBN 13: 9781876326722