WTS Founding Faculty Glasses: Machen, Van Til, Murray, Stonehouse (4 Glass Set)

WTS Founding Faculty Glasses: Machen, Van Til, Murray, Stonehouse (4 Glass Set)

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These glasses—as resilient as the theologians they depict—represent the four cornerstones of Westminster Theological Seminary, J. Gresham Machen, Cornelius Van Til, John Murray and Ned B. Stonehouse. These are 16 oz. clear glasses with a four-color process imprint of the portraits that hang in Machen Hall today. The reverse side bears the original WTS seal.

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About the Founders

J. Gresham Machen was founder of both Westminster Theological Seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He was also known to treat his students to a game of checkers and cigars every year. His reputation and clout often landed him on the front cover of the New York Times, yet his service and dedication resulted in the formation of a faithful seminary during the Great Depression.

Cornelius Van Til was a philosopher, theologian, street preacher, and evangelizer of nuns. He turned down the peaceful pastorate in the midwest to found the apologetics department at Westminster. Van Til also refused five other offers from other schools to continue the anchoring of apologetic teachings at Westminster.

John Murray was a Scotsman, a prolific theologian, an avid night-walker, and an ardent imbiber of Scripture in the original languages. From fighting battlefields in WWI to advancing the lines of reformed systematic theology, Murray pursued the constancy of Scripture in both his faith and life.

Ned B. Stonehouse was a theologian, pioneer of Redemptive-Historical hermeneutics, and best friend of Herman Ridderbos, Ned B. Stonehouse was one of the founders of the seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. From springing Murray from jail to taking a train to Indiana in order to convince Van Til to teach apologetics, Stonehouse was often the workhorse Machen always envisioned.

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Publisher: Westminster Theological Seminary