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A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home

Helopoulos, Jason

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Listen to a sermon by Jason Helopoulos entitled A Neglected Grace.
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Whether your home includes a single mother with her children, three generations of a family, the immediate family and Uncle Bob, who is living in the spare room, or the traditional mother, father, and 2.5 kids, it is our joyful responsibility to lead our home in worshipping the Lord. In the history of the church, family worship has been one of the Christian family's strongest characteristics. In the last century, however, this great tradition of the faith is vanishing.

In A Neglected Grace Pastor Jason Helopoulos graciously calls church leaders and individual members to reclaim the practice of family worship as a glorious expression of our Christian faith. This indispensable means of grace directs our families to seek and enjoy the love and beauty of Christ daily.

Includes a Foreword by Kevin DeYoung

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