Apocalypticism, Prophecy, and Magic in Early Christianity: Collected Essays

Aune, David E.

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Renowned scholar David Aune, author of a leading commentary on the book of Revelation, here offers twenty studies on apocalypticism, the book of Revelation, and related topics. Several essays on the Apocalypse of John explore contextual relationships of the Apocalypse to apocalyptic literature. Other essays center on aspects of the content and interpretation of the Apocalypse itself by investigating issues such as discipleship, narrative Christology, genre, and the problem of God and time. Essays on early Christian prophecy deal with charismatic exegesis in early Judaism and early Christianity, the relationship between Christian prophecy and the messianic status of Jesus, and the prophetic features found in The Odes of Solomon. Originally published in hardcover by Mohr Siebeck, this volume is now available in paperback.

Author Information: David E. Aune, (PhD, University of Chicago) is professor of New Testament at the University of Notre Dame. He is the editor of Rereading Paul Together and the author of a three-volume commentary on the book of Revelation (Word Biblical Commentary) and of The Westminster Dictionary of New Testament and Early Christian Literature and Rhetoric.

496 pages
Published June 2008

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