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The Art of Turning: From sin to Christ for a joyfully clear conscience

DeYoung, Kevin

Misunderstood, abused, hijacked…conscience has become a punch line, but once upon a time Christians gave their lives not to go against it. Highlighting crucial scripture texts and connecting conscience to the work of the Holy Spirit, DeYoung graciously explains why a clear conscience continues to be essential for a life of godliness and peace, and remains “a friend to the Christian.”

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Product Description

The conscience seems somewhat mysterious. We’re often not really sure how to listen to it, if we can trust it or what role it should play in our lives.

Kevin DeYoung shows us it isn’t something to be puzzled over but rather that a conscience is something good, given by God. As you read this book, you'll discover freedom from the low-level guilt and shame we commonly experience. DeYoung explains that when we daily turn to Christ, we experience a clear conscience that comes with knowing that Jesus’ blood covers all our wrong.

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