Bibleworks 8 (Windows DVD)

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BibleWorks 8 is an enhanced array of innovative tools, essential resources, and interactive capabilities to assist pastors, seminary students, professors and missionaries in their exegesis of the Biblical text. With more than 190 Bible translations in nearly 40 languages, 35 original language texts and morphology databases, 29 lexical-grammatical references, plus a wealth of practical reference works (Greek/Hebrew sound files, Bible maps, critical apparati, NT diagrams, and more), BibleWorks tightly integrates its databases with powerful morphology and analysis tools. Busy pastors will appreciate how quickly key resources and significant information are displayed, providing greater depth and keener insight during sermon preparation. Seminary professors and students will value the addition of three standard grammars (Wallace, Waltke/O'Connor, and Joüon-Muraoka) to the BibleWorks 8 base package. Package includes five program CDs, integrated full-function help, and video tutorials. More than two dozen additional texts (add-on modules) can be unlocked for an additional fee. Free technical support. 30-day refund (less shipping cost) when obtained directly from BibleWorks. (For Windows(R) computers only)

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